1. aPunch

    aPunch Minigame Developer

    A new patch has been released for Zombies, available to test now in the Prototype Lobby! For information on what changes are included, check out the details below.

    This patch aims to improve the replayability of Zombies by adding a new Endless mode, and harder difficulties for veteran players. We've also reduced the difficulty of the original mode (now called Normal Difficulty) to make it easier for newer players - players seeking a harder challenge can simply play the harder difficulties.

    ▶ Overview
    • Added Endless Mode, a new mode that doesn't end at round 30. The original mode has been renamed Story Mode.
    • Added the ability to choose the Difficulty of a game - you can play Normal, Hard or RIP difficulty.
    • Added three new weapons in the Weapons Chest:
      • Gold Digger: Weak to start, but can be upgraded many times through the Ultimate Machine. Its final Ultimate level makes this gun a must-have in later rounds and in Endless Mode.
      • Zombie Zapper: In addition to its normal damage, this gun deals damage to nearby enemies as well. It is a great defense against large packs of enemies.
      • The Puncher: Similar to the Zombie Zapper, this melee upgrade deals damage to several nearby enemies upon hit.
    • Leaderboards are now separated into pages based on Difficulty (Note: Leaderboards have been reset, see below for more information.)
    • Buffed Rifle and Elder Gun damage
    • Changed Zombie Soaker particle effect
    • Fixed many map exploits
    • Lots of bug fixes
    ▶ Endless Mode
    The current version of the game was very well received, but we realized many of you are too good at the game and need more than 30 rounds to quench your thirst for zombie blood. As a result, we've added Endless Mode! You can now enjoy killing zombies forever. After Round 30, enemies will become more difficult each round until your inevitable demise. The original mode, which will still end after completing Round 30, is now known as Story Mode. Endless Mode is recommended for players who have beat Story Mode, but all are welcome to give it a try. Let us know how far you make it!

    For PTL Lobby testing reasons and to avoid issues with potential exploits, Endless Mode currently ends at Level 100. If we see people consistently reaching this level without using exploits or cheating, we will raise the level cap.

    ▶ Difficulty
    For the most part, we feel the original version of the game was as balanced as we could make it. However we realized we couldn't please everyone with just that one difficulty - some thought it was too easy while some thought it was too hard. To make the game support as many skill levels as possible, we have separated the game into three difficulties - Normal, Hard, and RIP.

    The Normal difficulty has been made easier so that newer and more casual players can enjoy the base game and improve their skills. Even still, Normal difficulty remains a challenge for all players. All difficulties are available in both Story and Endless Modes.
    • Normal: This is the base difficulty. It is recommended that newer and more casual players play this mode until they are able to beat it.
    • Hard: This difficulty is meant to challenge experienced players. If you've beaten the game before and want a new challenge, then this mode is for you! Enemies are much stronger and faster.
    • RIP: Do you like to watch the world burn? Enemies are extremely strong and difficult to beat. Good luck getting far in this mode - you're going to need it.
    If you find Normal difficulty to be too easy now, we recommend giving either Hard or RIP difficulty a try. Let us know how you do!

    Developer Comments: Pregame leaderboards have been reset due to the changes in this update. With all new modes and many balancing changes, it was necessary to restructure the leaderboards so that they reflect the current state of the game. We apologize to those of you who sat atop the leaderboard, but this is the nature of all Prototype Lobby games. We encourage you to reclaim your spot in the new update!

    ▶ Future of Zombies (v0.3 and Beyond)
    In the future we are looking to add many new features and a new map, which will come with 30+ new rounds and all new zombie types! We are also exploring how we can integrate specialized survivor characters/classes into the game, where you would be able to upgrade your abilities the more you play. Stay tuned for more information on future Zombies updates.

    As always, report any issues in the bugs forum. Have fun! :)
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  2. mo' zombies mo' problems
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  3. ZenZealot

    ZenZealot Active Member

    Hopefully this gets people playing Zombies again!
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  4. Sk1er

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    The Foundation F
    Ah yes finally the guild update
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  5. Ranked please!!!
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  6. First page!

    Hype about this new update! Very nice to see different difficulties now.
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  7. RIP
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  8. AnInnocentLlama

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  9. AshHole

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    yay hype! :p
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  10. first page am I cool yet
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  11. IcyClover

    IcyClover Well-Known Member


    Zombies is a very fun game to play in parties, and it promotes teamwork instead of competition. I am positive that the added difficulty will not only erase the "finished game" feeling, but players will need to work harder to help each other.

    The only concern I have for zombies is that if it is released, parties will pop up along with a leaderboard. Serious zombies players would stick to a small group of experienced people, and zombies may develop leaderboard cliques that are more extreme than other games.

    But that is only if it becomes a full game.
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  12. HYPE!
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  13. King_Destiny

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    Hype! Choo Choo!
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    also RIP
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  15. can you guys add texture for the guns?
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  16. QoQ


    QoQ Active Member

    Peaceful Skies SKIES
    First page yey

    I_LOVE_TO_MINE Active Member

    shoot shoot kaboom
    weapon chest is finally useful
  18. Hype!!!!! I'm so excited to play Endless when I get home!!! :D
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  19. lol that will never happen and you know that
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