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  2. Where did it go? I think you forgot to put up the URL to the guide.
  3. where's here
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  5. Good starter tips. However, for experienced players, leather and gold armor are not needed at all. Save the money and go straight for iron armor. Your perks should come after buying full iron armor and upgrading your shotgun and another weapon (unless you are going for chest weapon). Replace the pistol with sniper or a chest weapon.

    The key to killing the final boss is to kill as many of the regular mobs as possible before it spawns. AoE/multi-hit and high DPS weapons such as sniper, zapper, rocket launcher (when paired with sniper or another multi-hit weapon), and gold digger are good choices for clearing them out. When the final boss approaches your camping spot at power station and starts to overrun your defense, open the gallery door and pew pew while running. You might still need to kill some of the surviving mobs that come from office, but you shouldn't see any spawn inside gallery if you did it right. Also, only fix windows near your camping spot to save time and slow down the mobs closest to your camp.

    Note: With a coordinated team, you can open the gallery door from office side (but NOT from power station side of course) and use gallery as another spawn point for zombies. If they spawn there, they'll have to take the longest amount of time to get to you. Good to thin out their groups slightly, but bad because that means they'll take a long time before coming to you if you need to kill them fast.

    The same general strategy applies to Bad Blood. The catch is that there's mini bosses and more mobs that spawn from thin air.
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  6. in order to do good you have to have a tactic i can make it to 22 by meself (me teamates allways die in 30 seconds of the start of a new round unless i am around) but what i do is i unlock the garden and run in circles and slowly kill the zombies that start chasing me and when the bows or gardians spawn you have to kill them imeditaly (sorry for my spelling)
  7. It can work, but there's a few catches with those mobs:

    -Skeletons attack you when you are within their range. They also spawn mobs over time, and these mobs (endermites from dead ender zombies and silverfish from skeletons) teleport to you and slow you down by damaging you.
    -Guardian zombies, like skeletons, attack you if you are within their range. If you attack them first and you are within their range, they will return fire after a second or two (or immediately if they were stunned with the elder gun). They need a direct line of sight to damage you.
    -Ender zombies move at normal speed until they take damage. Once they do, they become "enraged" and run very fast--much faster than a speed boosted player--until they die.

    Because of their numbers, consider yourself always within their range if you try the running or train strategy against them (you'll take constant hits unless you block their line of sight).

    Instead of trying the train strategy, try the area next to the iron leggings in apartments or the power station-gallery stairs if the gallery-power station door is still closed. A camping spot is much better and less risky against those mobs.
  8. Kaisheng21 you keep sayying that a good team is important i make it to round 22 almost everytime i kill the inferno by myself because every dies and i kill all the skeletions all by myself i have made a few friends and they are ok but the only reason i friended them is because they dont quit and they have a good aditude to the game but everyone on my teams allways die so can i be on your team
  9. thats why you need a team
  10. herobravo are you good?
    i am not trying to sound like i think you are a noob but i want to know if we could be on a team
  11. oh herobravo i use a sniper and camp garden i have friends gard the windows and i shoot sniper with another person down the hallway they cant hit you then but my friends die in the windows then we all die
  12. I appreciate your effort on making this guide, but there are too many errors in it. It might be useful for a complete nub but many points in this guide will mislead new players and prevent them from being pros.
  13. Everyone develops the ability to solo to r22+ only by training themselves have the potential to be a speedrunner. Why not consider joining Zombies League to find good teammates https://discord.gg/dPkfHKZ
  14. I've consistently gotten past round 20, and best round on my own (no random/coordinated teammates) was round 26.

    The double-edged sword with garden is that there's 4 chokepoints to defend: the 3 windows (all 3 are far apart) and the main corridor. If two people is enough firepower to stop the ones from the main hallway, that's good enough there. The other 2 should then patrol between the 3 windows and kill any coming in.

    An easier option--if all the doors are open--is camping the window next to the iron legs (the window right next to it, not the window next to the chest) and then sniping the mobs coming from the hallway. If a mob starts breaking the window behind you, turn around, kill it, and resume killing stuff in the hallway. You should be crouched at all times until they get close. This needs fewer people to pull off (optimally 1 to camp the window to your left and 3 on the same window).
  15. Well, yeah, but experienced players weren't really who I wrote the guide for. Iron armour is the best, but the total cost of leather set is 125 gold. That's just two zombies, or one zombie and repairing the window it came from. New players might have a tougher time gathering gold for the big purchases, and given that leather is cheap in comparison and that they'll be relying on it longer, I think leather is a justified purchase.

    I prefer to run around and get all the perks, then try to cajole my team into camping Power Station with me before the rounds get hard and they get caught out in the open and go into a death loop. Once they start dying a few times, people inevitably quit, and I'm not so arrogant as to think I can solo the rounds. This isn't false humility; I've tried a few times and I literally can't solo the rounds.

    I usually find that we can't do enough DPS before the boss comes in and shreds us, but apparently it works for you? I personally use Ultimate Sniper as my main weapon, with Ultimate Shotgun for anything not at head height, and my usual endgame camping spot is Garden, where the mobs line up really nicely for someone using Sniper. It might be because most of the other people's builds probably aren't near optimised? Not sure why we see these differences.

    Okay... what errors are there?
  16. 1. Leather armor can be seen as an insurance policy, but by round 7-8 it is possible to buy iron legs. 125 gold at the very beginning is worth a lot more than the same amount at mid or late-game.

    2. I sometimes also get perks first, but only on Bad Blood where I need the extra health first. If you get incapped and die, you lose your perks. Getting the armor and ultimate upgrades first ensures your gold is put to good use and not wasted. (Remember: the gold you spend early in the game is worth much more than the same amount of gold late in the game. 1k gold in round 10 is more valuable than 1k gold from round 25 because there are fewer mobs/windows to fix in the early game.)

    3.In every round, mobs spawn in intervals. I didn't measure how late the boss spawns, but they spawn after some time. (I can try a couple runs and check when they do.) The boss gives enough trouble due to its high HP/DPS, but the escorts give even more.

    Every interval spawns a set number of mobs. (Notice every round that instead of sending the entire composition that you are given a handful at a time.) If you clear as many as you can so that by the time the boss comes, there won't be as many active mobs on the field. You'll have just a couple left, the boss, and the remainder waiting to be spawned. This is a lot easier than having to deal with the boss and a ton of its escorts when it comes to your camp. You still should be staying at the camping spot, but you should not repair any windows except for the ones in your spot.

    If your team doesn't have enough DPS, then that's more reasons to try to get an extra weapon and preferably a multi-hit one such as the zapper. Two weapons are good to have, but a third one effectively increases your DPS if you frequently switch between your weapons. I run a setup like this:

    1. Elder gun/sniper/gold digger (gold digger only if I have excess money and the majority of the kills combined).
    2. Shotgun
    3. Zapper/rocket launcher (zapper preferred, but if money is an issue then rocket)

    Sniper is good, but doesn't kill enough on its own. You'll get about 3-5 kills per headshot, but after 5 shots you got to wait 1.5 seconds to reload. During that time, you got no other medium-long ranged weapon to back you up. Time you spend reloading w/o shooting another weapon = lost DPS.
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  17. guys i played many hours of call of duty not once have it ever been a good idea to camp you want to train the zombies if you dont know how then look up a call of duty video on it (it is basicly the same game but with less cartoony grafics) the only reason why training doesn't work is because round 21 that is the start of ranged attacks then you camp there is no point in waiting for zombies when you could find them and kill them just as eaily so this is my stragity 1-20 train 21-30 camp with a sniper and shot gun also there are easter eggs in the game if you didnt know
    the mussroom in spawn will give you two golden apple hearts it is by the chest in the corner
    one of the buttons on one of the doors in apartements will give you 100 gold
    and the lever behind the counter from when you first enter hotel flip the lever you get sent to a magical place
    there is more but you can find it out your self

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