1. Recently, A bug has happened during a 'Zombies' Game, and all zombies of a round were defeated, but there was one zombie pig man left. It was inside the places where they spawn, but it wasn't coming towards us, thereby not letting me progress through the game.

    If there is a place to properly send a bug report, please let me know.
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  2. Why don’t you just go over there and kill it?
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    If you can see it, then just shoot it. Not sure why you can't. If not, then repair the window and try to wallshoot through the slab. If the pigman is invincible, just wait for it to despawn (or reset.)
  4. This is intentional. That is because the Zombie Pigman's followRange NBT value is only 16 blocks while Zombies' followRange is 40. You can simply shoot through the hardened clay in alley to kill the pigman.

    This pigman glitch usually occurs if you knife it, which toggles its AI.
  5. To give a bit more background, when you shoot through a slab, the shot fires through the whole map. This means you can shoot a power station zombie from alley, or whatever you want. You can use this to kill zombies that are stuck inside the window. by angling shots near the spawn point in the window.

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