1. I was wondering if it was still the best legit method for grinding combat exp even if you were the one throwing the Pearls, and also killing the zealots, or should I just stick with doing Rev.
  2. Ok, thanks.
  3. It's the best rn, besides exploiting
  4. yes it is
  5. Thanks.
  6. If you want combat xp use ghasts instead. Its so much easier (and faster) plus you can watch tayber while you are pulling your bow.
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  7. Lol "faster." Ghasts are 400k/hr max (wasting tons of coins on foul flesh), wheras zealots are 600k/hr max and gets paid back with raiders axe.
  8. go to sbz discord and find pearl spammers in the help for hire channel
  9. So tonight I could go from like lv 21 to lv 25.
  10. you can get higher than that

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