1. If ya don't like it.. don't play it.

    I don't really care about the update tbh.
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  2. I'm still waiting for the end island, and they don't put it, but you just have to wait. I do not understand how there are people who do not know the effort makes Hypixel.
  3. this is the best post i've seen in a long time.
  4. We did it people 100 agreements
  5. That would be a valid argument if this was an actual update. But we all know it's filler to give people something to do and it's pretty clever filler as well. You didn't "wait 2 months for new content [and then get it]"

    You've been waiting 2 months for new content and got a surprise filler update to let you do something while you continue waiting for the update you have been waiting for.

    It's like if you're waiting to open a gift that you know is coming and then being surprised by an extra gift that you can open and try to enjoy while you wait. There's literally nothing wrong with more, you'll still get your content. Better to have slayer rewards to do than to continue waiting for new content without having more to do.
  6. Interesting opinion, except that I already quit this game
    The community gets on my nerves, the devs have better things to do, and so do I
    This game has wasted a lot of my time, grinding for “endgame” items that are either unbalanced or trash
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  7. MeltWood

    MeltWood Member

    The game has turned stale, you can disagree or call me a whiner, whatever you want honestly. Nothing except endless combat grinding matters as far as progression at this point, and I simply find it boring.

    I really loved the game when it was more about resources, minions, upgrades, slots, collections etc. None of those matter at all at this point, because the End + the new Slayer content makes it completely irrelevant.

    Skyblock is about grinding, but at least for me(before you reached the End) it was like the grinding game I've always wanted. It's just turned into repetitive sword hacking, and you can't get good gear unless you're willing to put yourself through that.

    Adapt or die off? Yeah, I've already stopped playing, still have a right to share my honest opinion.
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  8. arent u the guy that doesnt trust people that have done 1000+ crafts and lies about a discord owner scamming in IRL deals and says that u got scammed by a mod and that mods are doing bad stuff in drag fight or something? OK i understand why u would make a shitpost
  9. ALAND

    ALAND Active Member

    Fortitude MIND
    Yeah, ya'll should still be thankful for the time & work that went into making these updates.
  10. Must be a nice shitpost because I have over 100 people who agree with me. Also “bad stuff” with drags is called leeching which is totally beneficial for players who have aspect of Jerry and only a bow and no money to buy armor

    edit: never said the owner scammed, said he was corrupt
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  11. powns

    powns Well-Known Member

    I don't think you are either experienced within this sector or are old enough to understand the process of designing new features and concepts + the development and testing time needed before anything is being added to any game.

    Even after all of the steps mentioned above, the team can still decide to scrap ideas completely, which means that a lot of time is spent without any progress.

    Being slow and precise is the exact reason why games succeed in the first place ;)
  12. Agree.

    And to all the people saying
    'i want to grind this ruins skyblock wah'
    Go outside. Take a walk. Eat food. Drink some water.
    Skyblock is not your life, don't pretend that it is.
  13. I heavily mind you
  14. you have not answered my question
  15. I’ll be honest, slayer quests didn’t come after 2 months I think. If you played consistently even throughout the summer, I think at this point MOST people should be in Strong-Superior with an AOTD. If anything, the devs were smart ok predicting that most people are OP as shit rn. So it would be logical to make slayer quests hard because you shouldn’t get Slayer 7 in the first week or so lmfao. The only problem is that they are boring and the new items aren’t progression based but shitty RNG again.
  16. they don’t require any grind at all and pretty fast paced
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