1. edit: I know that you can get more than 40 and up to 45 logically, this wasn’t the point of the post.


    Is 40 the most points you can acquire in a game? I had 38 and won 1st place but couldn't exceed over 40.
    I've seen some people say that 41 is possible.

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  3. i think 40+ needs some godly rng
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    You clearly don't understand what he's saying. He said the you can't. If you watch the video, he has 38 points, gets first place on a 3 point game, and goes to 40 points.

  5. I'd say that you clearly don't quite understand either given that other people have gotten above 40. Sometimes the game does not award the correct amount of points and that is well known among the people who play it regularly and not to mention he didn't get all games that rewarded 3 points and if he did would've been above 40.

    @Tanner9899 Were you one of the ones who did the math for likelihood of 40+ point games? If so care to explain?
  6. I was just confused if there was some bug that didn't let me exceed 40pts since I know some people have done it before. Since you said it was just the game not rewarding the correct amount of points, then that just sucks but thanks for the explanation.
  7. Logically, 15 games with a maximum 3 points each, the maximum should be 45 points. But some games are a 1-point "participation" score with no winner, so it's very very hard to get 45, if not impossible.
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  8. what? -_-
  9. This has happened to me a couple of times.

    You only got 2 points because only you and 1 other person finished. If another person finished, you would have reached 41.
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