1. So excited for the new themes!
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  2. This is absolutely beautiful. (the maps) I love how you guys realize how large of your playerbase is Asian, so you take some time to celebrate them too! Keep up with the community work Hypixel! Great job once again!
  3. Some of the maps look raw.
  4. albato

    albato New Member

  5. #145
  6. 2019年祝hypixel团队猪年大吉。 ——来自中国hypixel玩家
    In 2019, I wish the hypixel team a good year.
    - from Chinese hypixel players
  7. I need to wait 7 more years for my zodiac T_T
  8. Olifan

    Olifan New Member

    Hello !
    I find the maps beautiful!
    would there be way to download them ??
    thank you
  9. Ohhhh, its lunar new year!
  10. Murder mystery could easily run off of a concept like this!
  11. I know, I saw the lobby. VERY NICE. It’s also my year.

    So, 新年快乐。
  12. Please show off the pigslosion, I cant find it anywhere on youtube
  13. cooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  14. Ohhh so cool
  15. When does the advent end?
  16. I think it should be people who regularly celebrate Chinese new year, not chinese
  17. I love these maps
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  18. yes, xin nian kuai le!
    Sry, my keyboard doesn't have translate

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