1. Hey.
    So as we know a lot of games have had a lot of hackers lately. The ones I have seen them in is
    Mega Skywars
    Ranked Skywars
    and I don't know the other games such as Mega walls and stuff. Yes I do know that UHC you need to be level 15 and higher to play. I think that is a really good idea! If anyone else agrees that the games that have a lot of hackers should have a certain level requirement tell me and maybe Hypixel will add them. I think the main games are the once I previously said above.

    Thank you!!
  2. D0meR

    D0meR Active Member

    Ye I like it too.
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  3. ppya

    ppya Active Member

    Infamy MEMBER
    I would like to see that be implemented
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  4. Sort of wrong section. Sorry, posting in ideas and suggestions and server discussion
  5. No offense, but Skywars is known as the "noob friendly" game of hypixel. There are so many low level players that it would probably cripple the player count.
    Ranked mode, however, could be an exception.
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  6. Mega mode is also infested with bhoppers though. I think a level requirement could work in Ranked and Mega, as there's usually more noobs in solo/teams.

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