1. [​IMG]
    - 1,000+ Textures!

    - Single pack that works in any Hypixel version!
    - By far the biggest and most complete SkyBlock Resource Pack!
    - NEW: Potion textures! (Requires OptiFine L5*)
    - NEW: Block textures! (Super Compactor, etc) (Requires OptiFine L5*)
    - NEW: First resource pack to have textures for All 7 Dragons!
    - Textures for All Melee Weapons and Smite Displays on all them!
    - Textures for All Bows!
    - Textures for All Armors (and animated Emerald Armor)!
    - Textures for All Fishing Rods!
    - Textures for All Tools (grappling hook, flint shovel, all sticks...)!
    - Textures for All Minion Upgrades and Slots (fuel, upgrades, etc)!
    - Textures for All rare books (Growth VI, Dragon Hunter, etc)!
    - Textures for All custom SkyBlock items (Crystal Fragment, Day Crystal, etc)!
    - Textures for All custom resources (Revenant Flesh, Tarantula Silk, etc)!
    - Textures for All custom high level Books! (Vampirism VI, Life Steal IV, etc)
    - A bunch of animated textures (Midas' Sword, AotE, Magical Soup, etc)!
    - Enchantment and Max Level Enchantment Preview icons in the Enchantment Table!
    - Visual enchantment displays for all tools above iron!
    - Custom SkyBlock UI!
    - Custom Melon/Pumpkin stem colors for grinders!
    - 1 easteregg : O
    - Even more stuff that you should see for yourself!



    v1.15 Video Spotlight by AgroMC
    More Screenshots
    Even More Screenshots
    Enchantment Preview icons in the Enchantment Table that also show if the enchantment is at it's max level
    Visual enchantment displays for all tools above iron

    Custom UI

    Textures for All Armor-Set Icons and Models (2 including full growth/thorns/protection Visual Enchantment Displays
    Notice how thorns starts getting displayed once you add it:

    Inspiration Known issues
    - Items can't show custom textures while in the 'create auction' slot
    - Custom textures disappear while any selling NPC screen is open in 1.13
    - Most level 6 armor enchants won't be recognized as max level and won't be displayed in the item icon
    - Sometimes enchantment displays on item icons won't appear, for some reason?
    - Prismarine Blade looks silly in third person in all Minecraft versions except 1.11.x (mostly fixed)
    - Custom sword models might not work properly in versions above 1.8.9?
    - Java Regex isn't working in 1.14 for some reason. Smells like a bug tbh, but could be just me being bad at 'coding'. This makes stuff like Collection Progress Bar and Midas' Sword only display one texture and look less fancy.
    Coming Soon?
    The following might or might not be added in near feature:
    (Feel free to comment below if you want me to give priority to anything)
    - Items that will be added in future updates of SkyBlock
    - More visual displays for power on bows?
    - More visual displays for enchantments on armor?
    - ???
    Changelog & Info

    List of all vanilla textures changed:
    (Unlike CIT (name-based textures for custom SkyBlock items), those should be overridden if you put another resource pack above this one in the Resource Packs menu. This is good so you can intentionally toggle or remove them)
    - Health and Mob-food bars
    - Pumpkin and Melon stems
    - Villager Spawn Egg Color* (color.properties makes villager eggs white so I can color the Jerry Egg :S)
    - Mooshroom Spawn Egg Color*
    - Water Bottle
    - Awkward Potion


    v1.35 - Potions & Fixes
    - Added Viking Tear EXP pot texture and splash texture
    - Added MF and MF 4 Crit Potion textures and splash textures
    - Added some emissive textures. Untested, currently broken on 1.8.9
    - Added icy squids. Squids in ice biomes (Jerry Workshop) should now look frosty, unless that also isn't working.
    - Added textures for all Level III Skill XP Boost Pots and splash versions
    - Added Rain Witch's Rain texture
    - Added Weather Stick UI's textures
    - Added Jerry UI's textures
    - Updated Foraging pots to have more contrast
    - Fixed visual bug on Enchanting and Farming pots
    - Fixed auto smelter texture in 1.14
    - Fixed Diver's armor in 1.14
    - Fixed pink potions when using outdated optifine in 1.8-1.12. They will still look bad, though!
    I think this bug wouldn't happen in 1.13 so I didn't "fix it". Tell me if you ever get pink potions in 1.13+

    v1.34 - Tons of icons, bit of other stuff, general improvements
    - Probably fixed Custom Potions in 1.14
    - Added Weights to "good" enchantment books, like Growth 6 and Sharpness 6. This means those textures will have priority over other custom textures and a Growth 6 book will always look like a growth book and so on.
    - Added New Year Cakes for every decade. Should fully work up to year 109, then partially work afterwards.
    - Added event icons for calendar (DA, Jerry, etc)
    - Added coin icon (Spooky Event reward)
    - Added Spooky Pie
    - Fairy Armor icons now also change color
    - Added Foraging Skill icon
    - Revamped Perfect Armor colors, added golden details to all tiers

    - Added Farmer Boots (finally)
    - Added Titan/Admin armor
    - Fixed Flake the Fish
    - Fixed Stereo Pants armor model

    v1.32 - Small revamps
    - Updated/recolored Day/Night/Eternal Crystals to look more unique
    - Updated/recolored Melody Hair. That texture is also very tricky to make
    - Updated/recolored Minion Expander to make it more noticeable
    - Tuxedo icons should now appear in the NPC UI when buying the sets
    - Added Flake and Gift the fishes
    * Internal change (shouldn't affect in-game): lowered Water and Glitched Water weights by 1 to not conflict with XP boost potions outside the game (Lea's website)

    v1.31 - Books update
    - Added animated Vampirism VI texture
    - Added (slightly) unique textures for Luck 6, Looting 4 and Scavenger 4
    - Remade the Giant Killer VI texture
    - Added Experience IV texture
    - Bugfixes (mainly for the 1.13 version, as it had a few missing textures)
    - Maybe something else that I forgot because I for some reason didn't write these patch notes earlier and now I'm writing it because someone complained

    v1.3 - Potions and Fixes (small update)
    - Fixed block models in 3rd person (small fix)
    - Updated Crystal Armor Helmet icon texture
    - Added Awkward Potion texture (no clue if those bottles will work in 1.13, tell me if they don't)
    - Added Glitched Water Bottle texture (vanilla water bottle with no "COMMON" rarity)
    - Added Winter Rod
    - Added Ice Rod
    - Added Stereo Pants and animated icon. Animated 3D model might or might not be added later

    v1.29 - The Chill Update (so chill that I took long to make it because I was chillin')
    - Made Reaper Scythe big in the 3D model
    - Deleted Blaze Helmet texture, because duh
    - Added orange stuff to Blaze Armor so it looks less boring. Don't ask
    - Added Frozen Blaze Armor
    - Added Frozen Scythe
    - Added Auger Rod
    - Added Snow Suit
    - Added Yeti Rod
    - Added Sugar Rush Book texture
    - Added generic textures for Looting 4, Luck 6 and Scavenger 4
    - Added Snow Armor textures and 3D textures
    - Fixed Silver Fang 3D model that was looking super dumb, also made it look smaller in 3D
    - Added 2 variants for bottle of Jyrre (<10 int and >= 10)
    - Added Agility Potions
    - Added textures for All the Skill XP Boost potions
    - Added Yeti Sword
    - Added all Tuxedo sets, including icons and models

    v1.28 hotfix (same name, same download link)
    - Made Raixer Axe look huge in first and third person like it should using a custom json model
    - Changed a silly meme warning that I forgot I added to dragon.properties to a serious one because someone complained

    v1.28 (fixes and improvements)
    - Fixed the way Steve holds swords. This includes Prismarine Blade, Emerald Blade, Reaper Falchion and Revenant Falchion
    - Fixed a few broken potions (Strength 8, Splash Mana, some random stuff)

    v1.27 (fancy potion update)
    - Added 25 Potion textures
    - Added 25 Splash Potion textures
    - Added Super Compactor textures
    - Added Compactor textures
    - Added Minion Expander textures
    - Added Auto Smelter textures
    - Added Training Dummy texture
    - Fixed Diver's animation in 1.13 and other missing stuff.
    * Tell me if something is still broken/missing in 1.13+

    v1.26 (the spoopy update)
    - Added Bat Person Armor icons and model
    - Added Spooky Armor icons and model
    - Remade the Raider Axe handle (added a grip, made stick red)
    - Smite 6 should now display the smite version of the weapons
    - Added Bat the Fish
    - Added Shiny Yellow Rock

    Older Versions
    v1.25 (the panic update)
    - Added temporary generic textures to Vampirism VI, Life Steal IV, Experience IV and True Prot books
    - Added a texture for Pooch Sword
    - Added Melody Hair
    - Made Reaper Scythe Green (zombie-y) instead of Blue (diamond-y)
    - Same for Scythe Blade ofc
    - Re-made and re-added Bat PinĂ£ta texture. I'll re-add the other ones I lost when my computer bluescreened in a distant future when I figure out if I'll be able to recover my HDD or not
    - Added an experimental Thick Scorpion Foil texture
    - Added Thick AotJ texture
    - Added an experimental Tactician's Sword texture
    - Added an experimental Thick Tactician's Sword texture
    - Added Raider Axe
    - Added Smite textures for all the above
    - Added Hunter Knife
    - Fixed Prismarine and Emerald Blades with Smite
    - Added Weak Wolf Catalyst
    - Added True Essence
    - Added Polished Pebble
    - Added Silky Lichen
    - Improved Crystal armor. Also, Crystal Armor color now properly changes based on light level. Please tell me if the transparency in the 3D model works, because in this notebook in 1.8.9 it doesn't
    - Updated pack.mcmeta
    - Updated pack.png

    - Remade Foul Flesh to look more unique
    - Added Red Claw Egg
    - Added Slayer GUI Icons for Veteran Rewards, Combat XP Bonus, T3 and T4 Random Quests, and all tiers of all bosses that exist currently
    - Added Silk-Edge sword
    - Made Black Glass Panes slightly more transparent. I don't think I want to change the other colors or go past this, though. This is just to make the UI look a bit cleaner but still vanilla
    - Some bugfixes
    - Added colored pingbar in Tab
    - Tried to fix SBA armor icon being tiny and failed
    - I think that's all

    v1.23 (The mini fish update!)
    - Remade Overflux Orb texture (old one was bad, try to guess where the new one is from :p)
    - Added Nope and Shrimp the Fishes
    - Added Grizzly Bait
    - Added dark details to the string on Mosquito Bow

    v1.22-1 -
    Improved dragon armor animation timing to slide through each piece at a time
    - Added unique textures to all level VI books
    - I forgot if I did anything else in this or the last updates, lmao

    v1.22 -
    Fixed a few more random stuff
    - Added Fly Swatter and Flycatcher
    - Improved Tarantula Web texture
    - Added Scorpion Foil texture
    - Added icons for Bank Account Upgrades
    - Small changes to Falchion textures
    - Animated all 7 Dragon Armor sets
    - Animated Diver's Armor
    - Fixed all(?) Slayer Level preview icons
    - Updated Tarantula Silk texture to a more visible one
    - Updated Toxic Arrow Poison texture to a more realistic one

    v1.21 (part 2.5 of 2.5 of the Slayer update)
    - All the important slayer new content is done
    - Added/Fixed/Finished Tarantula, Mastiff and Pack armor
    - Made Growth Armor fancier
    - Added Weird Tuba texture
    - Small internal optimizations
    - Fixed random stuff
    - Made most Boss Reward previews in the Maddox Menu properly show custom textures (high tier Spider/Wolf missing for lack of info)

    - Fixed all tier VI book textures being broken (I suck)
    - Added Voodoo Doll texture

    v1.20 (part 2 of 2.5* of the Slayer update)
    - Added a whole lot of stuff, and now the only new items missing textures are Mastiff and Pack armor which I either have no clue how to draw or zero info on, respectively. (and Tarantula legs/chest)
    - Added Critical/Smite/BoA (basic) custom textures
    - Fixed and added actual Revenant Armor textures
    - Added digested mosquito
    - Added Tarantula Boots
    - Added Reaper Falchion
    - Added Revenant Falchion
    - Added Shaman Sword
    - Added Reaper Scythe
    - Added Scythe Blade
    - Added Toxic Arrow Poison
    - Added Golden Powder
    - Added Maddox's Phone Number
    - Fixed a bunch of bugs (hopefully all bugs added in 1.19)

    v1.19 (part 1 of 2 of the Slayer Update)
    - Animated Tier X Perfect Armor
    - Added a visual display for the Rainbow enchantment on shears
    - Added Magical Water Bucket
    - Fixed (maybe once for all) EXP Bottles in AH looking like enchantments if people who placed or bid on them had enchantment names in their MC names
    - Fixed something else that I already forgot what it was, I think it was the 3D models for Emerald Blade/Prismarine Blade/Silver Fang in 1.11
    - Added Tarantula Boots (untested) and made Revenant armor look like Zombie armor for now (WIP). Missing that weird Mastiff set and maybe something else for next update
    - Added Ornate Zombie Sword, Edible Mace and Reaper Scythe
    - Added Wand of Healing and Wand of Mending
    - Added textures for Foul Flesh, Golden Tooth, Revenant Flesh, Revenant Viscera, Tarantula Silk, Tarantula Web and Wolf Tooth
    - Added Scorpion and Mosquito Bows
    - Minor changes to Decent Bow firing animation
    - Fixed a few random bugs

    v1.18.2-2 - Fixed level VI books showing a pink texture after the optimization in the last updates
    v1.18.2-1 - Fixed a typo in the resource pack that was causing Forest Biome Stick to display a missing texture after the optimization in the last updates.
    v1.18.2 - Added Aspect of the Jerry
    - Added Sculptor's Axe
    - Added a texture for 'Next Tier' in the minion UI
    - Added Quiver Arrow

    - Added bronze/silver/gold counters to Collection and Recipe Book UI icons based on completion amount
    - Made Fairy Armor overlay (the thing on the knees) still slightly change colors with the rest of the armor
    - Added an animation for AotD
    - Improved the Minion, Skill and Enchanting table UIs
    - Revamped Miner's Outfit to look more stone-y and have golden details
    - Since many people plant lots of Pumpkin/Melons in SkyBlock, decided to slightly change the vanilla stems so you know which ones are pumpkin/melon stems for QoL
    - Fixed minion upgrade slots in 1.13+ and a few other stuff related to Dyes/Glass Panes
    - Reworked Ender Armor to have black details and match the helmet

    v1.17 - Changed a missing texture bug on AotE with smite. Oops
    - Fixed Midas' Sword upgrade textures not displaying (this took almost an hour btw)
    - Fixed Speedster Suit from Hypixel Lobby getting partially converted into Speedster armor in the 3D model
    - Added Jerry Egg :O
    - Added UI icons for enabled settings, disabled settings and '???'s
    - Added a fancy, custom progress bar at the Collection tiers screen (17 textures)
    - Added Pumpkin Armor icons and model
    - Added Squid Boots icons and model
    - Added simple Farm Suit icons and model
    - Added simple Farm Armor icons and model
    - Added simple Miner's Outfit icons and model
    - Animated Emerald Armor icons
    - Remade Challenging Rod/Rod of Champions/Rod of Legends to look less like a toy rod and more consistent with each other
    - Made the Health and Hunger bars tiny. This way you can still see them, but they aren't as much on your way. Might take a while to get used to, but I believe this is a good change.

    Even older versions:
    v1.16 - Changed Protector, Old and Unstable Dragons/Armor color to match the head's colors betters and feel more unique.
    - Replaced Magma Armor textures and icons with the ones made by Rainbowcraft2.
    - Fixed the blue thingy in Lapis Armor's Chestplate's 3D model.
    - Added multiple animated tiers for Midas' Sword. This took 46 sprites, 30 files, over 1 hour of pain and the most monstrous regex in history of resource packs. Midas' Sword is now animated and gets visually upgraded at 1/5/25/50m coins spent. And no, I didn't steal this idea from Hyblock, he just was faster :c
    - Fixed Sponge Armor boots and removed helmet (duh). I don't think anyone will notice, though.
    - Fixed Fairy Armor not changing colors
    - Added textures for level VI fishing books and Ender Slayer VI
    - Added Saving (dis)Grace texture
    - Improved the Crystal Fragment texture
    - Added Angler Armor textures. "Oh, but you said your pack already had all armor textures, you scammed me!" - well, yes, I consider it complete because I like the angler's default texture and a few others. Adding it was an extra.
    - Small performance improvements and internal cleanup
    - Slightly improved the Undead Sword texture
    - Animated Aspect of the End
    - Animated Pigman Sword
    - Animated Emerald Blade
    - Animated Cleaver
    - Animated Magical Flying Soup
    - Failed miserably to make a good animation for Flaming Sword and only managed to make a simple one for Pigman Sword
    - Added Decent Bow

    v1.15 - After one entire bloody hour failing to make it work, added custom textures for all 7 Dragons!!! Young Dragon 3D model will look nice and green and so on!
    Note: I haven't tested this in Hypixel yet, someone please party warp me and spawn a dragon as thanks if it works xD

    v1.14 - Slightly adjusted Harvesting's enchantment display on hoes.
    Added missing Smite displays and internally improved how the resource pack works greatly.
    Added Rookie Hoe and it's Harvest Display.
    Fixed the 3D models of Emerald Blade, Prismarine Blade and Silver Fang in 1.11.2 (still trying to figure out if it's possible to fix them in other versions)
    Added a texture for most Dark Auction level VI books
    Added End Biome Stick texture
    Added Fairy Armor textures and model
    Added Sponge Armor textures and model
    Added Crystal Armor textures and model with actual transparency
    Added Crystal Fragment texture
    Changed Wise Dragon Armor from purple to light cyan. This was necessary so it matches the dragon head color and doesn't look identical to Ender armor :c
    Changed Superior Dragon Armor from red to golden for similar reasons
    Slightly changed Zombie Armor Chestplate 3d model
    Fixed some details on Lapis Armor 3d model shoulder
    Added Rookie Axe and Pickaxe.
    Darkened Cactus Armor outline

    v1.13 - Fixed Ender armor model, fixed Golem Armor icons, added Minion Slot icons : )

    v1.12 - Added Ender set, Emerald Blade, Efficient and Sweet Axe textures, added Dragon Slayer book, added Silent Ender Pearl, fixed the model texture for Emerald and some other armor that I forgot, added Diver's set, added all 7 new Dragon Armor sets, added Aspect of Dragons, added textures Perfect Armor that change at tiers IV, VII and X :O also added End Stone Bow and End Stone Sword.

    v1.11 - Added Ember, Speedster, Golem and Mushroom armor. Fixed Flaming Sword. Fixed Hardened Diamond Armor model.
    Note: I removed the alternative download link for now, because I felt like it was unnecessary and time-consuming. Please tell me if you miss it!

    v1.10 - Added Guardian Chestplate and Skeleton Helmet. Added Leaflet and Zombie armor sets.
    v1.09 - Added 60 new textures to max level enchantment previews, those have a gold border. Also made many many small bug fixes.
    v1.07 - Added SkyBlock Menu icon, added Speedster Chestplate (I got lazy and didn't add the rest nor other armor, sorry lol), added Fancy Sword, updated the Enchantment Previews to the new textures with a background
    v1.06 - Added Promising tools, Shredder, fixed Spiders' boots, added all minion upgrades including E. Lava Bucket (except block ones that are impossible to add), added all talismans (like Experience Artifact and Crystals)
    v1.05 - Random bugfixes and internal improvements, added all fishing rods (crap, I forgot Shredder), Creeper Pants and Spiders' boots
    v1.04 - Fixed Magma Leggings icon being different than the model, fixed a major bug with enchantment displays on Lapis and Cactus armor, improved Blaze Chestplate texture
    v1.03 - Fixed Execute V not displaying, fixed Magma Bow, added Blaze and Growth armor main textures (enchantments may be added in the future).
    v1.02 - Fixed bugs caused by v0.6 SkyBlock and added textures for the new Telekinesis and Hot Potato
    v1.01 - Made it actually work in 1.8, lol
    v1.0 - Initial Release
    > > Download v1.35 for OptiFine L5 (or equivalent) < <
    > Download v1.26 for OptiFine i7 or eq. <

    - Requires latest OptiFine (with Custom Items and Random Mobs settings turned On)
    - Works in ALL Minecraft versions. Ignore the warning!

    If nothing works on the pack
    • Ignore the "Incompatible" warning when activating the pack
    • Make sure you have OptiFine
    • Make sure you have Custom Items setting On (Video Settings > Quality)
    • Make sure you have the resource pack in the right side of your resource packs list
    If items don't work in your hand or similar
    • Replace Orange's 1.7 Animations with OldAnimationsMod or remove it
    If blocks/potions look pink&black or are all weirdly colored
    • If it your potions like this: [​IMG]
    • Update your OptiFine or download an older version of the pack
    • If using Badlion or similar (outdated optifine, not compatible with potions), download an older version of the pack
    If custom dragons or mobs don't work
    • Turn the "Random Mobs" setting on
    If bows or fishing rods don't pull/cast
    • OptiFine bug :c can't do anything to fix it on that OptiFine version
    • Downgrading your OptiFine will fix it but break custom Blocks and Potions instead
    If emissive textures don't work (coming soon)
    • Turn the "Emissive Textures" setting on
    If something doesn't work in 1.13+
    • Might be an actual bug with the pack, 1.13+ hasn't been very tested. Please report, I'm gradually fixing 1.13+.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2020 at 10:55 PM
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  2. DivineCaleb

    DivineCaleb New Member

    Download not working
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  3. I got trolled by mediafire, sorry
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  4. DivineCaleb

    DivineCaleb New Member

    Looks pretty nice, hopefully you add more armors.
    Also it doesn't work on 1.8.9, I know a lot of people use that, may want to make another version.
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  5. gdi I forgot to do a little thing to make it work in 1.8, I'm an airhead
    Should work now, but I'm relogging in 1.8 rn to make sure this time
    edit: v1.01+ works
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  6. SKDemon

    SKDemon Active Member

    27 27
    Bruh why is it a .rar file, just make it a .zip file like a normal person so mac users can open it.
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  7. v1 was a zip, but I have Alzheimers' and accidentally made v1.01 a rar
    Already fixed
  8. It isn't working for me. I am using 1.14.3-Optifine_HD_U_F1/vanilla and it loaded with no errors, but nothing is showing.
  9. So uhh, I just downloaded Minecraft 1.14.3, downloaded your version of OptiFine, re-downloaded my resource pack, opened minecraft 1.14 up, converted my test world to 1.14, checked in it, checked Hypixel itself... Everything looked normal.
    Make sure that inside your folder of my resource pack there's only the assets folder, pack.mcmeta and pack.png.

    (sorry for being obvious, but) Also make sure the resource pack is selected and active in-game, and that you're actually running your OptiFine profile + the v1.01.zip version of the resource pack lol.
    If it still doesn't work, I have no clue.

    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
  10. I am so dumb. For some reason I had custom items off and that was causing the whole thing.
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  11. Also, when you right click on the grappling hook, it shoots out the default bobber texture, it would be nice if it shot a hook
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  12. I forfeited that idea while making the pack because I didn't know what file that was, but I knew it would be something weird, and ended up forgetting to check later.
    I just googled it, it's not an actual texture, it's considered a particle. I'm not even sure if I know how to use optifine to make a custom particle texture just for that item, might even be impossible, since there's no way for OptiFine to know what item summoned that particle. And replacing the particle for all items obviously isn't a good idea. I'll see if I can think of anything, but it's probably physically impossible.
  13. Looks good. Recommend.
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  14. Zoldyc

    Zoldyc Member

    ty so much man
  15. I think it would be nicer if the thing that shows what enchant it is going to get showed up below the actual slot, like in the glass pane one below and was slightly smaller, think it would look a lot cleaner, otherwise cool design tho
  16. Do you mean moving stuff around? I can't move stuff if that's it, just re-texture.

    Edit: I think I get what you mean now, but no, I can't change glass panes that are empty. The only way to detect what a glass pane is is based on their name, and empty glass panes have no name, so it's impossible to change them at all.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
  17. Looks very nice :eek:
  18. Just updated the pack, added textures to the new enchantments, Hot Potato Book and fixed bugs in the new Leaderboard textures.
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  19. Hi! This is so cool but I have a problem, the textures are showing on the inventory and on other people's hands, but not on mine :(
  20. What Minecraft version? I'm not sure what the issue is

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