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    I bought MVP+ then MVP++ and I just lose my ranks wtf I never opened any Paypal dispute?!!!!!!
    Can someone help me? Will I get banned? Wtf
    I already opened a ticket but wtf guys
  2. Did you refund it?
  3. Talk to the support team. But if you refund purchases you will be store banned.
  4. Could also lead to a perm ban on the hypixel server since chargebacking is bannable.
  5. yeah ^
  6. If you are 100% you did not make a dispute is there by any chance a friend or someone buy you a rank and then later made a dispute?
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    Did you confirm your purchase in both PayPal and your credit card provider?

    If you did, someone else may have bought an additional item and chargebacked/opened a dispute causing the automatic ban. Since you already opened a ticket, make sure you explain that you bought MVP+/MVP++, including proof, in your ticket and you will receive the ranks again (however you will be store banned.) As long as you have proof, such as Transaction IDs and whatnot, all should be 10/10.

    Good luck resolving your issue!
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