1. Just updated the map with several major and minor fixes.
    Also added some stuff to help players on some fights, full patch notes incoming.
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  2. Hi, I've started the map on a previous version, would you recomend downloading this version?
    I've only played to when the cave spiders come out of the wall (right after 1st boss)
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  3. Ugh i just finished playing this hard map and a new update is coming xD. Gonna play this again :D.

    Edit: Maybe you should fix the Cheats on the map or is it on for when the disc don't drop?
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  4. I suggest you start over, you are only about 5 minutes in, if you don't read questlog
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  5. Why ?

    I like to keep it on in case people get stuck
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  6. It just was a question but thanks. :D
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  7. I know, gonna do that
    I like the start, it's a little bit harder than herobrine's mansion:)
    or is that because I chose Hard instead of Normal?
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  8. Update 6 xD
    Do you know if there will be more updates? I dont wanna play the same thing 10 times xD
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  9. I don't mind playing this 10 times because its so fun for me xD.
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  10. When I was replaying this I might have found a bug, or maybe it's intentional.
    In the pirate boss fight I could not kill the sceletons with a sword. Nothing happened when I hit them. It looked like they where blocks in adventure mode, if you know what I mean. I could shoot them though.
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  11. Vebbi i had the same bug xD. So i think everyone will get this.
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  12. It might be intentional, I have no idea how that's possible though.
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  13. Hope it isn't a bug or we need to replay it again xD.
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  14. First episode of me playing this: Here
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  15. EmanP

    EmanP New Member

    Hello, Hypixel. Big fan. One problem here. I was in the boss fight with Magmo.. With which I fail to understand how I got there, as there was noone in the town to tell me to go to the mine. I was fighting with a friend, when the portals stopped working! We were unable to finish the fight. The water in the 2nd portal still existed, but it failed to teleport me. Please look into this. I have loaded a backup to start from the begining. But if this happens again.. I don't think I'll want to play this map any longer... Good work though.
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  16. That bug is fixed, I suggest you try the map again :)
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  17. I have a question about the texture pack, how is it possible to get more than one gravel type?
    Yes it is more than one, no it's not orientaitions.
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  18. Johni0702

    Johni0702 Map Expert

    I remember there was a feature in OptiFine for random block textures. But don't have time to look it up now.
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  19. That's a bug but doesn't make sense o_o

    I'll delete the chunk and reload it, it's one of those weird Minecraft bug!
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  20. Minecraft should fix more bugs lol. Second time playing solo and at last quest :D.
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