1. Hypixel doesn't even care anymore. I am a bit salty about the changes, so I might be biased with my way of thinking for a few hours but bare with me. Imagine spending all your life's savings on superior armor and maxing your Runaan bow and Hypixel just nerfs them to the ground in 1 day.

    I suppose I won't talk about the taboo topic of clay minions because Detry made a fair point and he was censored even though I was also severely affected by it.

    Hypixel, if you nerf something for EVERYONE, it's not a nerf. Yeah, you might say it was a bugfix but is it FUN though? Is it fun for me to deal 4000 less damage because Hypixel devs deemed it too unfair for sharpness to be calculated multiplicatively? If it affects everyone, no one is affected by it. It nerfed an AOTD with sharpness V as much as an ember rod with sharpness V. It's not a fun change. Bows barely even deal any damage anymore. What a good idea to make dragons 20% TANKIER but also make bows only deal 10% of the damage they did before this 'update'.

    Superior armor? More like inferior armor, because Strong now is as good as Superior armor. Yes, an armor set which is almost 5 times cheaper is as good as SUPERIOR armor. I understand the 5% extra damage was a bug to start with but why not also buff it in the process? Now Strong armor is gonna go up in price by a ton in the auction house and Superior's price will drop. Why? Because the Hy-gods deemed so.

    I won't deny that this update brought some much needed fixes like the skeleton helmet arrow fix or quiver arrow fix, and I will give the devs credit for that, but it also added many more bugs like:
    -ANOTHER QUIVER ARROW BUG... yay. Apparently, if you store your quiver arrow in a chest and then shift click it into your inventory it instantly deletes the item in your first hotbar slot. Rip so many items.
    -Coins added into your purse aren't calculated with scavenger in mind
    -Many items randomly removed from your inventory
    -etc (this is not a bug thread)

    Zealots are still broken... or they immensely lowered the eye zealot spawn rate.... and everything was nerfed into the ground, BUT HEY, we got... uh... a larger talisman bag and... colored backpacks? yay...
    Is the game even fun anymore?

    Edit 1: Bow dmg was a bug apparently. They still a lot less damage than before, though.
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  2. Dragon fights were too easy. They're supposed to be BOSSSES.

    Spawn rate is 1/420.
    Well why would you do that in the first place?
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  3. Definitely agree. I rarely play Skyblock anymore, but these changes will probably make me quit.
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  4. It's not the only way to trigger the bug, it's the only way I know so far.
  5. LeeGee94

    LeeGee94 Well-Known Member

    bows are buggy.
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  6. Not when you're the raid boss yourself. (with superior dragon armor)
    Haha, no. I hope that is a joke (i know the admin posted it) but if it's that, then I was right and the zealots are BUGGED. 400 zealots die in the end in.. what? 20 minutes? Does an eye drop that quick anymore? No. You spend hours and hours for the hope of one dropping.
  7. Still why would you try it if you knew what was gonna happen?
  8. Who said that number of 1/420?

    And ah I don't want my sword to be deleted guess it sucks stuff was nerfed but now all the noobs with leaping sword can't 1 tap. Even though my sword does 15,000 less damage now lol, but hopefully dungeons is really really hard and you have to hit the best common spawning mobs multiple times to kill them even with the best sword/armor.
  9. It can trigger without you WANTING to. That's why I brought awareness to it.
  10. Jay did.
    tbh it's irritating to see speedy sonic full dragon dudes one tap every single enemy, so hopefully that kind of helps newer players regarding getting that gear.
  11. Speedy sonic full dragon dudes like me can still one tap. It's the newer players that can't anymore.
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  12. That amount is less now though. It'll still make it easier.
  13. Darnit! Does that mean I can't oneshot endermen with a wooden sword anymore?
    Literally unplayable.
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  14. V1zo

    V1zo Active Member

    Boneford PILLOW
    lmao wdym, all noobs with leaping cant 1 tap, I still 1 tap
  15. That makes no sense. If i was an end game player with a sword that deals 30k damage I would still be able to 1tap zealots, but if I was a mid tier player that barely did 13k to zealots now I suddenly can't. See what I'm saying?
  16. oh idk I saw some people say they couldn't 1 tap with their leaping anymore
  17. Ya I stopped farming eyes, wish killing dragons gave combat xp cause I'm combat level 24 and would like to level up but farming zealots is ew
  18. They silently nerfed the eye zealots. I also stopped farming eyes but mostly because the eye droprate is so bad.
  19. V1zo

    V1zo Active Member

    Boneford PILLOW
    I think because, they barely were able to 1tap with their leaping then the nerf just made him go lower, he probably has garbage reforges/armor/skills
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  20. Zendei

    Zendei Active Member

    That's only players who haven't put time and money into talismans and armor.
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