1. with the mana if its over a 20% increase in mana that means it would be faster to use AOTE? since more mana would make more mana Regen?
  2. wrong place to have good idea, here is the forums, the place where player flame devs or cry aobut everything.

    jk, wise is still super good, the wise change will have no impact on the set itself. So yes, you might be very right.
  3. Ryouu7

    Ryouu7 New Member

    Lol "no impact on the set itself" the price is litteraly decreasing so hard
  4. It's getting a buff lmao
  5. It is? What's the buff?
  6. Ryouu7

    Ryouu7 New Member

    No. It's getting nerfed.
  7. It's the same effective mana with faster mana regen
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  8. CyberJeeb

    CyberJeeb Member

    I remember someone made a in depth graph of the effective mana and someone else said it would be able to maintain 320% speed with very wise? (this could be wrong.) Either way with speed 7 pot and hunters knife wise should still be at 400%, however I hear young can also maintain 400% aswell, but young's set bonus will also go to 500% which sounds impossible to maintain, but maybe with speed 7, sugar rush, hunters knife, other speed things it could be possible?
  9. I said no impact on the set, not „no impact on the price“
    2/4 very, 2/4 godly is almost exact the same mana amount then before, 4/4 godly is even better, 4/4 very only slightly worse.

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