1. Are you having too much fun in CvC?
    Do you feel like you are too powerful?
    Need to get better and don't know how?

    Well I have a solution
    Game end yourself.

    And this is how
    (its a pack!)


    Here are some satisfied customer reviews
    for our shoot yourself pack

    SloBrew: "Yeah I can't see how this helps me at all"

    3houseelves: "YES! this is what I need, perfect!"
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  2. Big_Adc130

    Big_Adc130 Well-Known Member

    Now people with the revolver can play a new game, Russian Roulette.
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  3. This is so sad, can we plz get 5 likes?
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  4. If you don't like this, Gronkle will game end you himself.
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