1. ikr
    you heard him @Jayavarmen
    it actually is
  2. you are the kids who are tobroke to get strong lmaoooooo
  3. nolying

    nolying Well-Known Member

    no, not again
  4. Or he just doesn’t have the talisman count to make strong better... let’s not assume skill level because of the armor warn... if this was the case none of the superior wearers would be bozos but this just isn’t the case
  5. Nah, I’m just cool.
  6. damage is worthless rn, everyone who grinded for the rarest sets feels stupid cause someone with a (easier to get) set can grind mobs in any location 3x faster. the damage is worthless cause you can still do 13k with wise, so unst/strong/superior’s extra damage is useless (atm) for normal mobs. that’s why they’re nerfing it.
  7. What did u said?
    I mean, you can't do that much damage, but you still can run at 400% speed.
  8. uwulord420

    uwulord420 Well-Known Member

    off topic question but when i read your post for some reason i kept thinking of that PMD1 song that always plays when your in the town/ at your base
  9. Jaya said (idk where) that a replacement item/function would be added when the piggy bank gets fixed.
  10. Zegher

    Zegher Member

  11. I use wise for everything just like any other dedicated wise gang member
  12. #wisegang

    Wise was always balanced, and its mana was what made it a good set. Ender nons were just jealous that they couldn't even go 1/2 as fast.
  13. Wise is in a good spot right now. It doesn't need a buff or nerf. All it does is lets the user gain temporary powers.
  14. I 100% agree
  15. yeah, and half the time they beg to "borrow" the set anyway.
    me too man, me too.
  16. vhat

    vhat Active Member

    Lemonade ✧LEMON✧
    if wise is getting nerfed why dont we nerf ender armor
    you cant reforge it
    you cant enchant it
    it gives the same base hp and def as leaflet armor
    max damage you can do with it is 4499
    it has durability and breaks every 3 hits
    you have to attend dark auction to buy ender armor, and its 800k per piece
    threaten the auction master to give up all his ender armor or iceblades with his 96m mosquito bow will shoot him
    and this is how the update will be balanced.
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