1. WiseGang members do no damage *coughs full superior doing 16k while im here doing 21k*

    Magic Damage doesn't even work

    We do no damage in dragon fights (unless we're using scorp which is multi stupid)

    Strong and Superior users do 10k more damage than us per hit

    Wise is perfectly balanced, it lacks damage but makes up for it with the intelligence it gives

    Strong is perfectly balanced, it lacks intelligence but has damage to cover that up

    tl;dr Wise is balanced and doesnt deserve or need a nerf

    This thread was brought to you with demands for a wise buff from WiseGang
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  2. Yes #WiseGang
  3. Only true gamers get full unstable, smh.
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  4. CyberJeeb

    CyberJeeb Member

    For the zealot farming problem, they shouldve just made the set bonus worse for rouge, but now everyone gets hit. Apparantly the math on one thread is now its only possible to mantain 320% ms? Thats not including speed pots and hunters knife, so wise armor will still be hitting 400% while everyone else will be slower, except young, maybe bat?
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  5. Bump cuz its a wise gang post so therefore its important
  6. Wise = small pp
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  7. wise >superior and strong #wisegang
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  8. #wisegang
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  9. literally have no idea why they r nerfing it smh
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  10. U inherited your dad's smol pp
    joke incase you didnt get it
  11. I feel like wise can have a 30% mana reduction but I feel that the rogue sword shouldn’t be nerfed to 10 speed
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  12. Yea, if the admins think that wise can utilizes future abilities with low cost, they shouldn't nerf weapon with abilities (such as rogue sword) and just nerf the set ability
  13. Still finding wise's purpose after the nerf. Y do people want to buy wise affer the patch... I hate next patch.
    Downvote piggy bank
    Downvote wise
    Young is ok may be buffing it is good
    Downvote next patch
  14. i
    its because triggered people are complaining about wises zooming around stealing zealots l0l
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  15. so true... I left it behind a while ago because of talisman count... but its quite good!
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  16. Yeah tbh it’s probably gonna throw off prices and I expect strong to spike twofold because of the aote buffing with it, and wise will fall drastically in price
  17. EBM


    EBM Active Member

    SkyComm SKY
    it doesn't matter during dragons and how much damage you do, as long as wise kids 1 shot it should be nerfed.

    The damage to zealots doesn't matter at all if u one shot, its cause there's atleast 3 wise kids per lobby running around taking every zealot so its hard as hell to get eyes
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  18. The only thing they had to need was rogue imo.
    Btw protector is buffed!
    We already have 2 members
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  19. you guys only use it for speed and it's not supposed to be the speed set. Young dragon is the speed set and they want to promote it because right now there's no point in buying a young set because wise is far superior
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  20. Honestly, wise should've been nerfed. You guys are just complaning that you can't go around the end at mach 5 anymore, and now you have to share zealots with everyone else. Besides, wise was the INTELLIGENCE set, not the damage set, and certainly not the speed set. You guys can one shot zealots anyway(most of you), and superior was clearly meant to be the, well, superior set. So i dont know why you guys are complaning that "we cant do enough damage". Besides, magic damage is getting a buff next patch i think
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
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