1. So, I have a full set of young armour and im thinking about selling it but I wanna get a set of Wise but ya know I don't wanna risk it...
  2. dont do it
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  3. Wise will still be good (not for zealots as much) - If you do the math, you get 15% less effective mana but a slight increase in mana regen. It depends what you want to do - for zealots young will be better but wise will still heal reasonably well (zombie sword, wands, orbs...) and will allow you to use abilities from swords when magic damage gets fixed.
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  4. Get both. Wise is at an all time low price, and what if it turns out to be meta in new content? You'll be regretting not buying when it was this low when its price skyrockets. If you feel bad buying it, just grind a few eyes and you've already compensated for it.
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  5. w
    Well if the wise isn't good than which is? That will fit the money of the young armour? Because I don't have a good sword (aote) and im trying to kill Zealots for Summoning eyes so I can get AOTD... Oh and I can only buy 1 set...
  6. Sadly I can't afford both, but should I get wise at the price of my young or the other way round??
  7. So YOung is mega thicc fast now?
  8. Young is still probably the safer set of the two to invest in right now, so I wouldn't trade.

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