1. Will I end up getting gold division if I stop now and not play anymore this season and just wait for it all out to the end? I am at 1404 rating and #457 position, will I get gold division if I stop playing this season and wait to the end when you claim the rewards?
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  2. You probably will
  3. luicha

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  4. I hate you.

    EDIT: I love you.
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  5. And who are you?
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  6. Ok, you're so dumb it says above my pfp
  7. dude are you going to make "will i get gold division" threads every month
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  8. my mom told me to say sorry im sorry ok plz srry I was mean ok
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  9. Because I am unsure about ranked rating because I got my first gold division last season and don't really know that much about rating.
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  10. Np. But as your mom just said, it's bedtime!
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  11. sir its 12:23 AM
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  12. Well, you are a fat baby overall and you gotta take a day nap.
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  13. Wolf

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    You’re fine
  14. you will my good sir
  15. you will get gold div. safe gold is usually 1350 each season. diamond is 2k and master is 3.5
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  16. Alright, thanks, everybody! I think I got the answer now, so basically I can wait out the whole season and not play and still getting gold division?
  17. Most likely yes
  18. If is like 2 days until season end then yes but I think if it's like 20 day then you can get into wood or iron
  19. I did not understand one thing about what you just said, my question was if I can stop playing completely this season with the rating and position I said and just wait until you can claim the rewards.
  20. Ok you are like 405 and stop playing some guys will will get better placing you can get like 425 but when somebody lose u will get 423

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