1. 1. Getting mad does nothing. The griefers want a reaction out of you. Give it to them, and they will keep griefing.

    2. Why are they griefing? They have nothing better to do. Some would think that's pathetic, but I think that's a reason to feel sorry for them. Imagine their life. I've met people online with terrible lives, horrible parents, suffering from loneliness and clinical depression, etc. Think before you judge. They say Minecraft is their escape, how they let out anger. If somebody griefs your build to let our anger or fight loneliness or boredom then you should be happy they are doing that. A good video on this topic, except it's mental health instead of money.

    Disclaimer: Yes, I DO know that some griefers are just plain jerks, but i'm NOT finished explaining yet.

    3. Nothing in housing is permanent anyways. I always say that it's ridiculous to think product over process in housing because it's a separate server. There is nothing you can do to save something made in housing. So what if somebody cuts a build's life short by a few days? If you had fun building it and learned something new and made new friends, it's a gain. It is always a gain.

    4. It's just a game. Yes, it is. You shouldn't get worked up over a grief, even if you disagree with everything I've said here! It's unhealthy.

    Overall, if you're in housing enough, you will become numb to griefs.
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  2. Ok, so your saying not to release your anger over a game, yet your saying griefers can be justified because they are taking their anger out on others in said game? uhhh.... Right.... Kinda double standards here...
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  3. Segji

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    big words jeez im still in preschool what is a release?
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  4. PostFarmer

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    Most people are going to get mad anyway. I would say the best thing would be to be mad in your own area/talk about it with friends, but don't give it to the griefer. Like you said, they're only doing it for a reaction from you.
  5. Twebi

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    there are people that don't get mad when they get griefed?
  6. Flaffs

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    I couldn’t care less what the hell they suffer from. I’m not gonna feel bad about them, not if they do shit like this. Do something nice, I’ll be nice. It doesn’t work the other way around.
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  7. on freebuilds its a freebuild so why not be allowed to grief (I tend to grief for the hell of it)
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  8. You’re acting like a griefer in a block game will end the world.
  9. Are your interpreting this incorrectly because last time I checked he isn't about how griefing is bad it is about why you should ignore griefing.
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  10. Yeah, and I think everyone knows that.
  11. Ayaya_

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    Griefers actions are the responsibility of the housing owner anyways. And wether they're letting their feelings out or not they're not doing it right. I let my feelings out by talking with a good friend, not by griefing someone. The only time I griefed someone was when the owner was about to reset the build anyways and I was the owner's friend, so we just griefed the whole thing for fun. It's different than what most of the other griefers do.
  12. here we go kids

    First off, I never said to NOT release your anger over a game. What I said was that you shouldn't get full-on furious, work-up over a grief because that's not exactly mentally healthy. Gaming could possibly be an outlet for people to let stuff out.

    Actually, I said the total opposite!

    "4. It's just a game.
    Yes, it is. You shouldn't get worked up over a grief, even if you disagree with everything I've said here! It's unhealthy."

    Eh, not so much ignore it as much as don't get angry over it. My reasons for that is in the post.
  13. I think people know this is a game. I don’t think we need a life lesson from it, lol. :/
  14. The only reason griefers annoy me is because most of the time, I can't even finish what I'm making without at least 5 griefers going through it and extending the time it takes to finish it by half an hour when it should only take around 10 minutes. I would care less about it if I could at least finish what I make and have people see it, but really it's just means to an end.
  15. uwulord420

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    most my public housings were freebuilds so i think i am sort of immune to griefing but im not sure on that one
  16. I think this is just encouraging griefing
  17. Well usually the plot is reset after a while anyways.
  18. If I was picky about where I got life lessons, I'd be a totally different person. Keep an open mind, buddy.
  19. I mean I don’t get the point of a guide for it.
  20. Wynnooblet

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    Just don’t get griefed

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