Should watchdog be revamped And Auto-Gg Should Be whitelisted?

  1. Auto-Gg should be whitelisted no watchdog wow who would want watchdog

  2. Auto-Gg should be whitelisted and Watchdog Should be revamped.

  3. Watchdog revamp. like who would want auto-gg to be whitelisted watchdog doesnt care

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  1. So about 20 days ago i woke up, and opened minecraft to grind skyblock. I was banned. I knew it was cause of auto gg since the Thread said. "If watchdog catches you using auto-gg your done" Or thats me parophrasing it.
    I think this ban is unfair and that Watchdog should be revamped. Watchdog Has false banned me 2 Times in a row. And if i get false banned again im making a complaint to the dev's. Please revamp watchdog and end my suffering. Auto-Gg Should be whitelisted Cause it doesnt add any "Unfair advantages" And if it takes too long to add it. Just revamp watchdog! Thanks for reading.
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  2. It's not a false ban.

    Just type GG manually, it's not hard.
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  3. well some people are lazy enough to not want to type gg manually after every game
  4. AllyMcC

    AllyMcC Well-Known Member

    Puns PUNS
    If you’re going to risk a ban just because you’re too lazy to push a letter two times, you need to re-evaluate your choices my dude. xD
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  5. I'm pretty sure your ban wasn't because of auto gg. Me and 5 of my friends have been using it for 3+ years and not one of us was banned for using it once.
    What were the exact words that watchdog told you in your ban?
  6. and yet you still used it and have the audacity to say it's a false ban?Damn you are despicable
  7. Yeah, I'm kind of confused as to where he was told that auto-gg was bannable
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  8. BBBWeeaboo

    BBBWeeaboo Well-Known Member

    It’s two letters dude
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  9. Or ya know, just don't use mods so you don't risk getting banned...

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