1. As this forum is small and the community knows each other, everything seems friendlier. I’m not saying that this forum is perfect, it’s just if u go into the other forums such as the Skyblock forums, and see the I GOT SCAMMED threads, it literally is the definition of hell. That’s why the bsg forum is actually quite good, all thanks to our big community.

    of course we can always improve, starting off with the HPC......... um........
    @DiseaseRiddled teleport to hpc, SirHuntPredator get the F off
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  3. lol you werent top 50 for blitz duels cough random
  4. Lol nah dude we r toxic it's funny
  5. Yeah toxic ftw
  6. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Every community knows each other, you just happen to only know the blitz community.
  7. * every involved player in a community knows other involved players in the community

    all players in blitz forums are involved hence everyone knows eachother

    but not all players in other subforums are much involved in their community
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  8. Wise words sir
  9. Could not have said it better mate u get a gold star
  10. Tapion

    Tapion Well-Known Member

    Every involved player knows you are toxic
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  11. What did SirHuntPredator ever do to you. Kinda feel bad for the guy
  12. I heard a lot from a lot of people.
    My reason tho is his inactivity in the community and ignoring the fact that he never fixed pres 2’s
  13. Fair point

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