1. Hey! I am an Officer In the StreamBlast guild on Hypixel and YOU should join it. I'm gonna tell you why.

    The Owner
    Our guild is run by the one and only, @TommyInnit
    He is an amazing Hypixel YouTuber and Streamer With 2k+ subscribers on Youtube. This is great because if he ever does videos where he needs lots of people to be in it, you could join easier. You can also communicate with him asking any questions about Youtube.

    The Staff
    We have AMAZING staff In the guild.
    Starting with Our Co-Owner, @badlinu
    He is a great friend of Tommy and has a smaller Youtube channel himself
    Moving on to our Officers: primusen, @AreuMadLoL and me.
    Both me and primu are staff in Tommy's discord containing other one thousand people. Me and primu are very active in both the guild and the discord.
    areumadlol is another Youtuber with around the same amount of subs as Tommy who has an amazing texture pack.
    Lastly our Halpers: @RudyPlayzYT and LiquidFerocious.
    Rudy Is also a staff member in the discord who is VERY active. Liquid is very active on the guild

    Youtube ranks and MOD
    Our guild contains a few Youtube ranks and a MOD
    For starters, we have the MOD @Peso255
    We also have 2 Youtubers (not English) called Arthur1006 and xXShadowHexXx

    The Skill
    We are a level 28 guild and #85 on the leaderboards at the time of writing this (10/2/19)
    We always complete our guild quests.

    So what are you waiting for, do /g join StreamBlast today. If it is full, wait a few hours and we will kick inactive people. If you don't get accepted probably means we don't have staff on but you will get accepted sooner than later so keep trying


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  2. legendary
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  3. Very true, much agree
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  4. like your channel <o/
  5. The guild is amazing
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  7. it really is a cool texture pack B)
  8. thanks
  9. lol

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