1. Fireunity1sGood

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    Okay, so. I remember when chat was removed from ranked skywars, and I can totally see the opinion on that. But, what if people want to let themselves loose by saying something? Also this prevents toxicity, people can message each other spiteful things, so why not just remove chat restriction from ranked?

    People can only have the privilege to say nice things. If not, they will get a 1h mute, then 1d, 1w, 1m then permanent. People try and say something, like "Good fight!" but this feature doesn't let them. Read this carefully. If you did that one favour, I would actually be happy. I know, this was to prevent toxicity, but why not have a bot that tells you that you shall not say toxic things. You have watchdog for banning hackers, so why not a chat notification. Or, just make it so everyone has swear words toggled off. Therefore, no toxicity. People can say something nice too. I am considering the fact that this was for one reason as I have said a million times: to PREVENT TOXICITY. But it is how it is, people in normal game modes say it, so why is it just ranked to get this chat restriction? Please take this into careful consideration.

    -[VIP+] 200AD, A fellow member of the forums.
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  2. Sounds like a lot of work for the staff who will have to sift through thousands of reports every day.
  3. Donsted

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    I like it. I can't say "pog" or "close" when i win. I think they should let you say some words and block the toxic words
  4. It wasn’t only toxicity. It went to the point where there was death threats thrown at other players. I think the chat should stay the way it is.
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  5. GoogleOffline

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    They already have a chat filter, and you can easily get around that. For example, instead of saying "ez" i can say "e.z" or "e_z"
    ranked is much more toxic than solo and doubles. That's why they didn't add it to solo & doubles
    people in ranked would rather talk shit than talk nicely. When have you ever seen someone going out of their way to be nice in sw? (other than saying gg or gf). Bc if you're like me, then it's once every 20-30 games.
  6. Nah i don't wanna be muted

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