mystic items go automatically in to inventory

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. Void

    Void Well-Known Member

    oops OOPS

    just got something mystic in rage pit
    i say "something" because i have no idea what it was... because someone else picked it up!!!
    why is that a thing?

    pls fix
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  2. I thought they automatically go into your inv already?

    Well if they do drop then i agree with this post
    I didn't max out Mysticism for nothing
  3. There's a 5 seconds exclusivity period where only you can pick it up.
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  4. @Minikloon u forgot to fix the cobble glitch where u put 1 cobble in each hotbar slot and /spawn. It gives u 24 cobble for each hotbar slot. I buy reported it but it did not happen in 0.3.5.
  5. Why though?
    People who spent their renown on mysticism perk just so it drops on the ground?
    Seems annoying to me

    Just make it appear in their inventory instead
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2018
  6. If it dropped to the sky you couldn't catch it.
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  7. Why not make it just appear in your inventory rather than spawning it as an dropped item though?
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  8. Void

    Void Well-Known Member

    oops OOPS
    didn't realise that, though i still think it should just go directly into your inventory
    when you get a drop in rage pit for example (like i did) it can still be hard to pick it up
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  9. It should appear in your inventory as I have lost at last 3 mystic items from other people picking it up. ;(
  10. ThePit

    ThePit Active Member

    mybhad BHAD
    It happened to me as well
  11. I think the timing is glitched and I think it is more than just 5 seconds. maybe it is fixed now its hard to test.
  12. just make it appear in the inventory instead, the items that drop burn sometimes when players place lava buckets

    it's too frustrating to have them drop on the ground

    Undo what u did with lava, my god it does to much now
    it's nust annoying, it always has been annoying, but now it's even worse
    Everyone wanted fire resistance for 0.4 but instead we got double lava damage which NO ONE wanted
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  13. Agree
  14. this just isn't true, and if it's supposed to be, it doesn't work :c
  15. Talos9th

    Talos9th Well-Known Member

    oops BIGNUTS
    Make the items appear in the players inventory, or extend the exclusivity period to 10 or 15 seconds.
  16. Zion_Ska

    Zion_Ska Member

    Clearly there is a bug, it's the third time I hear that typical sound when a mystic item is dropped but I ain't have anything.

    The only one time I can get the mystical item I drop is when I'm alone while I'm killing otherwise I can be sure someone else is gonna pick it up.

    Please fix it.
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  17. *me shoots person from 40 blocks away*
    *mythic item dropped*
    *me trying to get to item in 5 seconds*
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  18. But there is no way for that to happen... and it will probably already be picked up.
  19. What do you mean it's not possible? Mystic items can be dropped on kill. If I can shoot a person from 40 blocks away and they die a mystic item will drop and the joke was that I wouldn't get to it in time

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