1. Rules don't apply here.
    The chat is toxic and goes insane.
    Hackers are everywhere and they do it blatantly, yet still not caught.
    Cross teaming is normal these days
    No void
    No easy kills (aside from nons)
    An actually dedicated player base
    No idiots using kb abuse
    We actually care about our game
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  2. 1. you still cant tell people to go hop off a cliff
    2. i got muted for negative behavior
    3. true
    4. its called tactical teaming
    5. bhoppers are worse than void
    6. everyone that isn't cheating is an easy kill
    7. dedicated to shit talking
    8. snow balls exist for some reason
    9. YEET
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  3. Because you cheat yourself
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  4. Venge

    Venge Well-Known Member

    V i b e s VIBES
    hey I don't cheat hack is ban!
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  5. We all know you do
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  6. Hack is a no no
    False, venge is the most legit player I have played with.
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  7. i have the 2018 MW starter pack so
  8. TheCJBrine

    TheCJBrine Well-Known Member

    Not unless there's a hole in the barrier wall ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    A Spider on Barrage ruined our game...
  9. vXbWQmm.png
  10. Mining for 6 minutes just to get 15v1d after my wither dies is not my ideal way to spend time
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  11. Im sure all the brasilian players only crossteamed with 12 players to achieve strategical advantages
  12. 83743817373tt

    83743817373tt Member

    you can litterally have 60 block reach and fly in smash heroes and not get caught because watchdog doesn’t apply in that gamemode.
  13. Screenshot_106.png

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  14. I think its interesting cuz u can see how big settings u can use and not get banned
  15. On the other hand, beating cheaters is much easier in smash heroes, on the rare occasion you find one.
  16. 83743817373tt

    83743817373tt Member

    i have more than 7k wins and only faced 1 guy, it was an aimbot fly hacking skullfire and it was not easy because he hit nearly everything
  17. Well mainly because it would get the classes banned
  18. Saucci

    Saucci Active Member

    V i b e s VIBES
    It's like csgo for 11 year olds...
  19. 83743817373tt

    83743817373tt Member

    reserved @Weeb

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