1. I think one of the main reasons mega walls has a lower playerbase than other hypixel games is the youtubers. Many youtubers from 30k to 500k subs playing games like skywars and bedwars whereas there are very few youtubers with above even 10k subs making mega walls or blitz videos. Technoblade used to play mega walls and blitz but there videos are now extremely rare on channel. Lego maestro (ik cringe) now hardly ever uploads megawalls. I think that this is actually a key role in why sky wars and bed wars have the largest player base on the server.
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  2. probably because MW does require slightly more skill and knowledge of the game than ~wars games, so since a good amount of bigger youtubers are pretty "bad" they don't play MW :oops:
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  3. Techno used to but idk why he stopped uploading.
  4. Ephay

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    if u think about it mw has an average of 200-600 , thats basically what some servers have as their playerbase not a minigame
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  5. But tho thread is relating mega walls playerbase to other hypixel mini games like sky wars and bed wars.
  6. I like pi
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  7. Maybe very cause the game and mods that patrol it are trash
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  8. But I don't know a youtuber with over 10k that regularly upload mega walls.
  9. Viqtor

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    Giant skill difference. Also Skywars is faster and easier to record and play.
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  10. Tbh I wouldn't call myself too skilled a paper but I still do petty well, and tbh it took me about 6 months to finally become decent.
  11. ?
  12. Nah, it's because mega walls is a niche game which takes a lot of playing to be good at, and is the only game of its type on any server so people don't go to it when they start hypixel, instead they go for the popular, normal games such as skywars or bedwars which you can just pick up and play
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  13. fcd


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    Probably because any new players who join apart from those brought in by friends are killed continuously in the pre game and most of the time the instant they are a final.
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  14. NickCrompton

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    Arenabrawl has no players :(
  15. Noone likes Arenabrawl and because you mentioned it, it should just be removed. The game is horrible anyway and if any game is moved to ClassicGames its just trash af.
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  16. Yeah... Rip:
    Esquiricin (Not how ou spell it)
  17. lego is probably trying to get YT rank before he does his next mw video
  18. I'd think that mega walls is a longer game and hence would possibly be tougher to record and edit. Games like skywars and bedwars are simpler and easier to learn hence more youtubers.
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  19. they need to link an official guide to the lobby and tell new players to read it. it should include suggestions, not just facts
  20. none regularly upload mw anymore i'm pretty sure.
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