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    Hijack HIJACK
    they would have to add a way to flag items or something for this to be added
  2. Agreed.
  3. yes, this would fix many gross problems, but i feel like it would be bad for the auction house. also, why cant people sell dirt? its good for the environment lol
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  4. I'm 13 and this is deep.
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  5. pretty good idea
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  6. He's an epic gamer living in society.

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  7. Nah I'm not about to hinder everyone's experience just because someone makes more money than me.
  8. How exactly does anonymity hurt anyone
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    This is cool and all, but, i have a problem with the "no more ./ah"
    If your problem is yters, have them autonick whenever they ah something, that way, if they actually spam it on their yt account, they're being actually scummy, and can't cover it with "Oh this is just the fans i can't control it"
    The scammers, however, are just kinda difficult. You really can't do shit aside from have a warning to people. Removing stuff they use will remove features for normal people, and sometimes won't even effect the scammers.
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    Because now you can't do ./ah if this is added. Also, Youtubers are going to have this problem anyway, so it's stupid to complain abt it.
  11. Why would you need to do /ah
  12. Rarely is anyone equal to someone else in life, unless we're talking about their human rights.

    It's ok to want, but it's not realistic, and bringing others down because you can't bring yourself up isn't the answer.
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  13. I've noticed that there's a lot of concern around removing /ah so I have added a possible solution to that at the end of the main post, let me know what you all think.
  14. Yes this idea i god-like!Add it add it
  15. You also seem to hate grammar, I suggest reading some of the basic rules of it or learning another language as you make other English-speakers look disabled. Good luck!
  16. +1 good idea also bump lol
  17. you are equal. equally as lazy as everyone else complaining about others wealth.
    Literally the most relevant point here and its gonna get skimmed over. They aren't gonna hinder the overall playing experience just to solve a nonissue. Why add a hindrance to ALL PLAYERS to slightly decrease the wealth of a few? This isn't grade school we aren't all gonna miss recess because timmy was talking in class.
    then again the forums does feel like grade school arguments 90% of the time
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  18. I’m paying attention to these posts about it hindering the overall experience for the majority of the players, could you give a list of the main points it’s inhibiting and why then I’ll try and work those into the overall idea. I’m all about feedback here, as you said it’s not about just dealing with these few players we gotta find something that’ll make the vast majority of the community happy. The reason I’m bringing this idea up is that currently a lot of members of the Skyblock community are getting frustrated by either YTers making extreme amounts of money on terrible items or scammers just being scammers.
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    1. no it wouldn't. Auction some item that there aren't much of for some specific value and you'll know that's yours.
    2. Ya assuming you're referring to your 2nd idea about the solution to /ah. They'll never remove /ah lmao
    3. This wouldn't help at all. See above^. 90% of the time Youtubers just do it on stream, people would know it's theirs. If they're rich enough to bid that much then they're smart enough to find the YTer's auction. Better solution is just to hide bidder's names so they don't get recognition. As far as scammers, this micro-managing of them is getting old. Don't get scammed? If you do get scammed by some AH then you're probably new enough that you're not very far through the game and got scammed 100k at most. Take it as a lesson, it won't set any of the new players back much
    4. People will do it regardless, I don't think it'd be much of a difference. Most junk items aren't from youtubers or scammers, just new people

    Nice idea, but not sure if it's worth the coding time it'd take. Sounds kinda hard to do but maybe

    Honestly though, people care too much about this stuff. It sounds extremely boring to have everything handed to me as Youtubers are being handed items, coins, and basically the whole grindy experience. /trade will still be a thing if people want to donate to them. It legit doesn't effect your game experience at all and kinda feeds money out of the economy which is good (because they probably will never spend it as they're just given items). Anyone who cares is either jealous or bored and just want to argue. People take this stuff wayyyyy too personally. Enjoy yourself knowing that you worked for what you had and had fun in the process, these Youtubers you're mentioning didn't do either of those.
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  20. Congrats on coming up with this idea faster than I could. My brain is slacking. Anyways, I like the idea of anonymous sellers and bidders. However, I personally feel like the /ah (ign) option should still be the way it is. There should still be some way of easily marketing an item you’re trying to sell to broaden up your audience of bidders. If intergrated properly, maybe “revealing” auctions of players in your lobby / ah you checked would be an extremely cool feature. It’ll play strongly into the mmorpg style Skyblock has to offer and mimic players meeting their sellers to purchase goods.

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