1. Honestly I can't give my opinion about something without having 3 people instantly type "shut up non" and on skyblock its even worse, I asked why the server isn't available for nons atm in a discord server just for someone to instantly reply with "its better that way" and when I told him to shut up people start acting like I was the one being toxic.
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  2. FTBRNexus

    FTBRNexus New Member

    Yeah, its a hard life for a non. I feel you.
    Also, I meet more toxic ranked players than I meet toxic nons.
  3. Because people like making fun of others
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  4. I dont really know either. Maybe because many "nons" are toxic. Even tho it doesn't represent everyone, one non = another non so they basicly thing that nons = toxic players
  5. Bakura1

    Bakura1 Well-Known Member

    ArtOfWar ART0W
    I honestly don't know why.
  6. people think they are better than others because they have a rank
  7. after 2mins of trying to understand myself, ive got the conclusion that my sentenses are weird lo'
  8. Because it's a Minecraft server and therefore people need to judge players by their ranks.

    You're better off ignoring comments like that or chat reporting if it starts breaking rules.
  9. I think we call that "Rankism" which is a very bad thing in game and in real life. Check "Rankism" on Wikipedia and you'll understand better.
    As for the other players, if someone is mean to you and it annoys you, you can always /ignore them. And yeah, report their chat if they start being abusive.
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  10. tbh I've seen 10x as many toxic donors as I've seen toxic nons.
  11. I've been playing on the server for more than a year and didn't even know about this command thank you.
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  12. Don't mention it, buddy!
  13. TBH - people are toxic nons and ranked players. its just something that happens - every community has toxic people.
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  14. Which reminds me that in some Minecraft servers, there are a lot of toxic people, especially in Factions servers.
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  15. it's just a fun meme to make fun of nons lol
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  16. Most people don't make a joke out of it, they are just rude for no reason. 99% of the times its not funny and the only one laughing is the guy with MVP++ and superiority complex.
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  17. It's so easy for a MVP++ person to act like a rankist to anybody who got a lower rank (or no rank) cause MVP++ is the best rank, or cause they think it makes them the best.
  18. then you make a joke out of it,view it as a joke.
    i mean if they are laughing then i guess the meme is funny to them ;P
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  19. Died

    Died Well-Known Member

    6 6
    but its true
  20. Elitism

    Some competition can be good fun, but not so much when pride is involved. It's fine to be proud of your accomplishments, but it's another to gloat about them to your peers. Showing support is grateful until it goes from being selfless to selfish by making charity an excuse to place yourself above others.

    Hypixel is currently the most populated Minecraft server to date. So competition is extremely fierce to stand out from the rest of the crowd (for better or worse). Hypixel's large playercount makes being no. 1 (in anything) extremely alluring. People love a good challenge, so Hypixel is just the place to find one.

    Competition can also bring the worst out of people. Whether in short bursts or as second nature, toxicity is just a natural byproduct of competition. The more people, the more toxicity will be made. Hypixel unwillingly became a giant cesspool. We don't like it, but we alone can't do anything about it.


    People are able to do whatever it takes to be viewed as someone of worth. Every achievement and statistic can be used as weapons to fight against both "lesser beings" and people of relevance. We don't like failing, but take out their emotions on others in a hostile manner. The only thing we can do about it is making constant efforts to detox your own self and not to spread toxicity toward others.

    You either are happy with where you're are now or fight long and hard enough to become an elitist.
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