1. Why is it good with strong. For full set of strong apart from helmet, you get 105 strength. This adds 10 crit damage but minus 35 strength. Someone explain to me how is that better
  2. The tarantula helmet piece bonus.
  3. It does not subtract any strength, it only adds crit damage.
    The ratio is 10 to one. If you have 300 strength, you get an extra 30 crit damage.
    One piece of godly strong gives 35 strength which is why the 1/4 tarantula, 3/4 strong is good.
  4. xTopazz

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    You get 1 Crit Damage every 10 Strength, so late game players get about 35-40% Extra Crit Damage.
  5. No one understands me
    vs strong set helmet strength
    it subtracts the strength from the strong helmet since you can’t wear two helmets
  6. It does not remove any strenght :)
    It adds crit damage for every 10 strenght so if you have 100 strenght you get + 10 crit damage and you still have the 100 strenght :D
    Lets say you have 300 strenght, that adds 30 crit damage, thats quite alot
  7. You forget about talismans and reforges, and especially potions.

    With full strong and a good strength potion you could have like 485 strength
    Without the helm you would drop to 460.

    But you'd also gain 46% crit damage.

    So you lose 25 strength and gain 46% crit damage.

    It's because of the crit damage you gain from sources outside of your armor that it gets so good.
  8. What they mean is the helmet grants +25 strength while tarantula provides 0 strength

    so you lose 25 strength with tarantula compared to strong.
  9. Yeah but tarantula gives 1% more crit damage each 10 strenght, and that can add up to more than those 25 strenght
  10. +1 crit damage for every 10 strength you have and godly 3/4 has 105 strength.
  11. Th
    thx for understanding my post and should I reforge all my talismans to strong?
  12. ??? You can't remove strength if it's not there in the first place.
  13. You need the crit chance. So at the very least you need godly until 80% crit damage. I think full strong for rare+ is good except for the crit chance, common and uncommon are still best with itchy.

    Godly gives the same strength as strong does so using Godly will be fine for where you need it.

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