1. I just don't know why me computer aint that bad I mean its ok but can you guys just tell me why its like that?
  2. is your framerate locked
  3. I don't understand, sry.
  4. when you go into video settings you can change what framerate you are limited to. If it is on vsync it will just be locked to the refresh rate of your monitor which I assume is 60. go into video settings and make sure its on unlimited
  5. btw I use a Mac and I don't know how to do that.
  6. its no different on mac. open minecraft and on the main menu go into options, then video settings, then where it says "max framerate" slide it all the way to the right side. and then see how many frames you are getting
  7. ohhhhh ok thanks a lot!!
  8. it doesnt matter what computer you use it ias a minecraft setting.
    go to:

    Settings>Video settings>Vsync>Off

    if you want to play in higher frames, however i assume you have a 60hz monitor so there is no point having higher frames since you can only see maximum 6 0frames. I recommend havingg it on if you have a 60hz monitor it prevents screen tearing which looks disgusting :D.
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  9. You monitor is probably 60hz
  10. I use a Mac and I get 60-120 fps, 170 in single player. It's just not gonna get much better. Also, a Mac isn't considered a good computer lol.
  11. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    Even if your monitor's refresh rate is only 60, a higher framerate results in less input lag so it's worth having
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  12. people dont have a lot of money, they only have a macbook man chillax
  13. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    Wat? I'm just saying 60fps isn't the same as 120, even if you have a 60hz monitor
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  14. Yo just cause I have a Mac doesn't mean im poor ugh kids im using Mac cause its better than windows. Apple is much better than any other stupid electronic brand besides tv's apple rules.
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  15. im not wasting couple hundred dollars on piece of junk just for some stupid video game LOL.
  16. I’m on a Mac and also get around 125 FPS with badlion and optifine
  17. that's your answer ^ you're using a mac, which isn't necessarily built for gaming.
    i mean gaming computers use windows and are generally much faster than macs but sure
  18. 500 fps XD!!! Oh. And watch ur settings
  19. Macs are good computers, but they aren’t built for gaming.

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