make the high lvl mobs do more dmg

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  1. When i saw this gamemode, I had mixed feelings. To start, the game gets extremely repetitive really quickly. i was a huge fan of BTD Battles (where im guessing this gamemode idea came from) and i think its a cool idea, but executed poorly.

    1. you cant change strategies, and strategies DONT matter. what i mean by this is, you are forced to start the game with archers, or you cant defend against the early waves. Then strategies dont matter because the towers dont really do that much late game. this leads to my second point

    2. it is impossible to defend against the last mob (Death Rider). there is no way to defend against it no matter what you build. because of the 80 tower limit you cannot defend against it if they decide to rush you with it, which they obviously will. the towers do nowhere near enough dmg to stop them so you might as well just give up on defence.

    3. something I dont understand is why ALL MOBS deal 1 dmg. to some people this might not be an issue, but its a dumb idea in my opinion. especially when your in the late game, spamming the Death Rider and it just does 1 dmg. this means your spamming that mob forever to eventually win. and when i say spamming i mean you have to spam for over 10 minutes. ive only played 2 games, and on the second game after we were spamming for 20 minutes straight i just decided to quit.


    this gamemode is boring because there is no strategy. if you spam towers, you can defend the early waves and the "OP ENDERMITES" (which are not op. their strong, but if you actually build a defense which arent all archers you will be alright). To win, you just spam mobs until you get a high income then spam the Death Rider. i see no reason why i would play this gamemode when i can just play BTDB.

    also not sure if its intentional or not but when i was "defending" against death riders i saw they didnt get slowed by the sticky tower.
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  2. Death riders are for ending the game. Sticky towers are intended to not work on death riders.
    Strategies do matter, but not on the combination of defenses or monsters, economic control instead.
  3. That's a problem though. If there is so little strategy on tower composition and how you send your monsters (like there is in line tower wars) then that means economic power overpowers everything and tower placement becomes a non-factor.
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  4. If death riders are for ending the game, can they atleast make them do 2-3 dmg so its not just spamming it for 20 minutes until someone wins? you might not have this problem , but the games i did play before getting bored, its just a 1v1 since the other 4 ppl cant play and get knocked out either at the start or when the endermites spawn, so when we both have 70 hp, dealing 1dmg is nothing.

    If we look at BTD battles, their mobs actually require strategy. the last mob (called the ZOMG) insta kills you and has ALOT of hp, but its incredibly slow and removes a ton of your economy. the second to last mob (called the B.F.B) isnt as slow, and doesnt have as much hp, but also doesnt do as much dmg to your eco, so you normally have to use around 4-5 of them to win, or you can use them as a counter if they use the ZOMG since their faster and strong enough to end.

    What I think Hypixel should do is, 1. make the death riders slower and do more dmg, and 2. make the 2nd best mob not useless so you can also use them, cause what i can tell, none of the mobs except for the fast golem and death riders can get through the defense, and thats because of their ridiculous speed.
  5. The staff member that made this, said and I quote;
  6. Slow + more damage = fast + less damage

    And you doesn't have to use iron golem to get pass the defense in late game. Charged creepers are also fast.

    Actually I think sending monsters is not for stealing health, but for increasing income, and when your income is higher than your enemy, you will win eventually.

    I tried in a game that I keep using all my gold to send monsters with low ability like pigs and sheeps. Although enemy had already sent death rider to me, i was not losing because I could always spam him a ton of death riders. That is the effect of higher income.


    Actually you need strategy on defense, but instead of about defending successfully, it is about defending optimally.
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  7. It’s just boring imo would rather play btd
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  8. Well, if you could start with any other tower, or at least towers like magma, then early stages would be even easier than they are now. Though, they could fix it by adding more starting money + decreasing the damage of magma and reverting the damage back after upgrading it since by that point it's probably in later stages by that point.

    The only point where towers don't matter is complete end game. Also, money management is the strategy in this game.
  9. 1. Your opening will be largely the same pretty much. What you can control are how many archers you build at the start and how many you need to add depending on how big the total enemy mob composition is. In the beginning game, building an optimal layout is key to minimizing the cost of defense. (You can get away with 7-21 towers in early and mid game while others need 30-40+ to take your mobs out if you do your defense correctly!)

    2. I just found out today that it is possible to take out death riders (the first ones notably), but it requires a sheer number of snipers in the back of your map. 40+ snipers all focused on one death rider and a generous number of vulcano towers to stun it should do the trick.

    3. Yes, all mobs do 1 damage but the death rider and the ghast have a trick. Every time they reach the end, they respawn at the beginning. Effectively that means those mobs can take more than 1 HP per lifetime if they are not killed quickly. It's intentional that the death rider is immune to speed.
  10. You do have to note that it's only been a couple of days since release. Of course there aren't a massive amount of towers and enemies yet.

  11. lmao they nerfed archer tower so now i cant defend against leather zombie or wolves with strategy early in the game and without strategy i cant defend against emites (in teams) the only way i can work is by literally going on the offensive and spamming arrow towers hoping i get emites first
  12. just like in btd the same concept of eco applies here.

    you want as much eco as you can whilst getting away with minimal defence. you can get away with spamming mobs at the start and then placing a few skeles so you dont leak excessively. with the strategy i use its very easy to defend the mites

    also like in btd, you need to rush. if you dont wanna go #superepiclategame, you have to send rushes that will kill a lot of the game. sending a singular rabbit is gonna do basically nothing on its own (you may get like 2 lives but its a waste of money). having a lot of eco helps for rushing
  13. i just played tower wars a few hours ago, what i am first concerning of that is the death rider, too.

    i mean, if the death rider is the way to end the game, then it should not be anywhere able to summon until the rushing time like 10 minutes left based on a whole game basis of 60 minutes. i rushed for lots of attacks towards others, and i could already summon death rider before the time reached below 40 minutes.

    however, when it comes to the other hand, nothing great but addictive enough.

    about the defense, the variety is too low. and like witch and enderman, they are both do not support level 3 nor can they go further like the others. they are supposed to get the buff when at maximum level like else.

    if all mobs get different number of hearts instead when they reached the goal of the opponents, then one death rider per surviving group(s), you are winner for sure assuming death rider steals at least 20 hearts.

    maps are the problem either! it is too boring to have only one design.

    not gonna lie, but i play these kind of games to farm guild experience points.
  14. just to pick on this, any MOAB class bloon is an instant kill unless you somehow farmed enough lives with the support chinook ability (moabs do 616, bfbs something around 5000 and zomgs over 16k). also, if you go farms, sending a singular MOAB class can cause affect your opponent's economy worse whilst hardly hurting your own (eg they go farms, you send a BFB and they gotta sell those farms to defend. if they keep trying to rebuy the farms, they will slowly be drained from spaced bfbs or whatever you send). slightly irrelevant this tho.

    if i had to say how much the stronger ones should do it should do like 10-15 hearts of damage, not an instant kill. the reason for this is that it would be incredibly unfair if there was a send that was so powerful that none of the other 5 players could defend it, thus they lose
  15. Agreed completely, there is soo little strategy the game isn't about thinking what to do, if placing a certain tower or sending a certain mob
    Most towers are soo weak that only archers are viable
    Slime towers target soo little enemies it really isn't worth to spend money on, as a big wave of troops makes it useless
    Magma towers deal a pathetic amount of damage, to the point it is insignificant late-game
    Witch towers... they don't do much to be honest
    Enderman towers are absurdly underpowered, as there is a tower limit and they only teleport 1 troop every 45-60 seconds, and the fact it doesn't affect death riders either only makes it worse
    That's essentially the point of these, as they are pretty much the ZOMG of this TD (ZOMG is the strongest kind of bloon in Bloons TD, and the one used to end the game)
    However, while I agree it should be an absolute beast, the way this was done was bad
    The mob should be cheaper, while also reducing your income moderately
    The main problem with mobs and the income in this game is that you can't do a comeback if the enemy already has more income, so this would be a All or Nothing kind of mob, a mob you use to take down the enemy finally, while also leaving the enemy a chance for a comeback in case they somehow manage to defend it (It should also give a great amount of money as a reward for defeating such a powerhouse)
    Indeed, if Death Riders are designed to end the game, they should do a far more drastic amount of damage while also not respawning once it steals one life, this way you would have to calculate how many you should send and when is the right time for it
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  16. Death riders are supposed to be op, but I have to give it to you that they do need a nerf. There are also some defenses that can kill death riders before they get to the end. The only way to fight death riders is with more death riders of your own.
  17. Just a side note, but ya might want to take another look at witch towers :p They're pretty damn strong, especially at level 2. Of course they need to be combo-ed with other towers.
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  18. The few times I use them didn't make much difference tho
  19. \_o_/ don't know what to tell you. They're very good against solo tanky units, not so much for a large group unless you have several level 2s.

    They're especially handy for helping knock out endermites early in combo with level 2/3 archers
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