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  1. Why does Hypixel still use the deeply flawed and imbalanced 1.8 and lower PvP system which completely disregards a person's actual ability and is less skill and more C.P.S. and internet speed based? They need to stop clinging to the old system and actually use the new one, which actually requires skill.
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  2. Did you even saw 1.9's PvP System, it is really bad for lot of Minecraft Players. Almost all people likes 1.8's PvP System.
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  3. VerySkinny

    VerySkinny Active Member

    i agree but jesus i had to read this 5 times before it made sense
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  4. The 1.9 update is one of the updates that drew the game away from its prime. Please watch tenebrous's vid and leave bye
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  5. The classic pvp system doesn't require as much spam clicking as you might think. There's a half second cooldown between hits. Trust me, there's still a ton of skill involved.
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  6. AllyMcC

    AllyMcC Well-Known Member

    Puns PUN
    Oof, I prefer 1.9+ and all but you just poked the bee's nest my dude.
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  7. Indeed he did lock imminent
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  8. ffzMEGALEE

    ffzMEGALEE Active Member

    1.9 was way worse imo
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  9. Zyluki

    Zyluki Active Member

    Exonerate EXON
    The 1.9 PvP update makes it so low ping will dominate, since it's way easier to aim and low ping people hit their enemies slightly first

    Also, you don't need 15 cps to dominate, look at people like Technoblade

    He clicks at 6 cps and he's able to dominate, same with me

    And high pinf and low ping have advantages and disadvantages, while 1.9 PvP favors low ping way more

    And you need to be able to react faster to heal and there's rod PvP
    Also, slower does NOT mean more strategic

    It's like watching a video slower for no reason, it doesn't improve almost anything

    1.8 PvP has strafing, w tapping, rodding, and hot keying

    And you need to be able to aim faster while doing all of those accordingly
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
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  10. UGame45

    UGame45 Well-Known Member

    >1.8 is based on ping!!!!1!!
    >if you have garbo ping in 1.9 pvp you automatically lose
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  11. leave the people who like blowing up tnt in their little worlds to themselves

    just kidding I totally agree with you*sorry for making you read this*
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  12. Um so what side are u on not really clear
  13. More importantly hypixel has proven that it can make 1.13 have 1.8 style pvp so why not drop support for every other version so they can use trident, elyctra, new swimming, slow fall etc
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  14. Yes but this would split the player count in half most likely...
  15. 1.7.10 version was amazing. Since we're use the newer version, I just use BL to help with those PvP mechanics.
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  16. VerySkinny

    VerySkinny Active Member

    literally. im australian and played 1.9 pvp on an american server and since you can't spam click I get so many hits that don't register and I have to wait until I can combo again, its bloody annoying
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  17. I agree. Might wanna change this:
    if you meant that you *don't* need 15cps btw.
  18. using 1s along exclamation points usually means mockery so he's on 1.8's side
  19. sutpidot

    sutpidot Well-Known Member

    Defiant D
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