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  2. non of your business you dont need to know
  3. sorry
  4. no need to sorry and not everyone hate me
  5. I can't understand 90% of anything they say, and the 10% I do understand, I wish I'd never read
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  6. He wastes everyone’s time with spam threads and u can’t understand what he says
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  7. Because they’re in idiot and there iq is negative 103
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  8. Spam threads, lack of effort in each thread, 90% of the English isn’t correct and doesn’t make sense

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  9. Wow you guys are mean to this guy.
    Just because his grammar isn't perfect doesn't meen should hate him, he does sometimes make useless posts but that's no reason to say stuff like that.
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  10. We don’t hate him

    But he’s the fourth instalment in people who seem to spam threads that make no sense and are very underdeveloped. If he just proof read his threads and used common sense then perhaps he wouldn’t get this backlash
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  11. Yes, I wasn't saying that you hate him I was saying that some of the people on this thread said things they shouldn't have said just because this guy doesn't have the best grammar.

    I do agree that he should check his gramar before posting but I won't be mean about it.
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  12. JaeyDoesYT was the beginning, oh hypixel pit god why do you do this oh why...
  13. His English is horrible, nothing he says is worth anything, and he makes useless spam posts.
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  14. Fortnite_Athlete

    Fortnite_Athlete Well-Known Member

    He creates spam threads, but ya are the same people who bump his threads only to complain. Are you people mentally handicapped or do you see what I'm seeing here?

    I defended @IDIOT103 and he still drops a dislike. 200 IQ
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019 at 4:40 PM
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  15. guys think on the bright side: jaey is still gone
    sure, we got a replacement, but its better than 2 jaeys
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  16. i got an alert that jaey had responded to a thread and it was pure terror
  17. Ehh imo both jaey and you know who are =

    But the person who I hated most was Wil***(some number)
  18. ily idiot103
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  19. dkoh2291

    dkoh2291 Active Member

    @IDIOT103 is basically post farming.... he's/she's trying to get the well-known member achievement for some apparent reason...... until then he/she won't stop posting short threads. I been going from thread to thread reporting him/her for "post farming"
  20. I don't think IDIOT103 deserves so much hate. In a few posts, he tries to answer questions other people have and genuinely seems to want to help. Sure, his English may not be the best, but English could be his second language, he could be mentally handicapped, or maybe he's just too young. At one point we were all young and stupid. This isn't really something to hate about and I don't think he's trying to post farm, but rather he just spends his free time on the forums which is respectable. Basically, you shouldn't mock someone just because they make posts you deem "inferior" because of broken English. Some people haven't been educated very well, and calling him out for that is just borderline bullying.
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