1. I just don't see any reason to

    yes I agree if you only play bedwars play other games but seriously I just don't understand

    why is everything I say mean nothing because I like bedwars more than other old games
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    GTR_DANNYG Active Member

    Literally one person complained about this. I don't think that it's that big of an issue.
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  3. it's just annoying tho
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  4. Many people hate or dislike bedwars players. The main reason is because of not the players itself or the game itself, it's the fact that MAJORITY of Hypixel players ONLY or mostly play bedwars all while other games are having slight difficulty queuing up due to the fact that their are not enough players for the game. Basically, people seem to only play bedwars and not other games so there's not enough people for other games.
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  5. I understand that
  6. I take it you aren't on the forums much.

    People think Bed Wars is "overrated" and "over-hyped"
    It's just kinda become a meme of the forums.
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  7. They are mean because they know that bedwars is the best game
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  8. I'll admit I'm guilty of playing Bed Wars disproportionately more than the other games offered on Hypixel. However, I believe the hate is more directed at the toxic members of the playerbase. If you have the unstoppable urge to say "ez", "L", or anything of that nature, you need to either control yourself or stop playing competitive games. I don't understand players that do this. Just be nice to each other, it's not that hard.
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  9. TheOtherMarmalade_

    TheOtherMarmalade_ Active Member

    the stereotypical bedwars player is some kid who is younger then 11 who is overly toxic
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  10. Easy. BedWars is overrated as all hell.
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  11. Because it’s not duels and it’s easy
  12. I've literally never seen anyone dislike a person because of them enjoying bedwars
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  13. >wins less than 20% of his games
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  14. bedwars is just boring or getting boring for most people that's why I don't play bw much anymore since I find it boring so I switched over to ranked
  15. Because this community feels entitled to everything from high treatment from admins to constant updates. If they don't update this game, watch out! The bedwars players gonna start a riot!
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  16. Because other games don't start and the people who play the other games get mad.

    you'll switch back soon
  17. I don't think I will but I might play bw than and there but not everyday like I used to
  18. If you play bedwars people make fun of you because your probably average. Average players always do a bunch of funny screw ups. Some people take it to seriously though. I even screw up and my stats are okay for someone who doesn't tryhard every game. But I think they make fun of the "average bedwars player" because they are either playfully joking or taking everything to serious. idk correct me if you think I'm wrong.
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  19. Haters gonna hate
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  20. Rinos

    Rinos Active Member

    Rareness RARE
    Why be mad at them for playing their favoriet game? They DONT have to play just bc some people cant play their games.
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