1. I am a beginner in Skyblock about 3 days. I got into Blazing Fortress by using a grappling hook just now, ut I could' t see any mobs here, and this objective was not accomplished.
    Is there any requirement of skills or something else? I have finished the objective Travel to Spider Den. If there is, what is the requirement? I really want to get an Ember rod :)
  2. U need to go there via portal
  3. did you use the portal? You can only travel between islands with the portals, using the grappling hook or other methods just brings you to non-functioning decoration islands.
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    1. An Ember Rod can only be obtained from a Magma Boss, it has nothing to do with quests.
    2. You need appropriate combat level to get into Blazing Fortress, and grappling to it won't do anything.
  5. I am XII level of combat, and I can get into the End. I think I should walking around to look for the portal.
  6. Oh, well, where is the portal? Is this base-like platform in picture?

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  7. It's either on the second or third floor of the spider den
    Just climb up and you should find it.
  8. It is on the mountain of spider's den.......the third main floor u can see an actual portal
  9. Thank for all of you! I have made a portal to Blazing Fortress on my island. Sorry for bothering you!

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