1. I don't see how that has anything to do with what I just said, but lets go with it.




    cops v crims



    It seems as if they're doing pretty well adding in custom features
  2. BlahBlah7137

    BlahBlah7137 Well-Known Member

    "easily code"
    >smash roadmap comes out
    >karakot literally cant shoot projectiles
    >people infinitely dying, and getting thousands of kills a game
    >spooderman crashing the game
    >invisible players
    >melee, projectiles, and dashes dont work/register on slabs and fences
    >cant figure out bugs because spaghetti code
    >skullfire broken for a couple of months because his nade reset broke

    >cryomancer still doesn't deal damage on feet or headshots
    >shoop still insta dies by rtl into reflect
    >shoop projectiles still do 2x damage when reflected
    >sanic broken because rubberbanding (new bug apparently)

    resource packs, but I suppose they aren't really noob-friendly
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  3. As @BlahBlah7137 said, they use resourcepacks to render those blocks and custom NPCs for the players. They don't create new items/blocks, they just change the texture of one item and use Spigot to add abilities to it. This cant't be done on Skyblock and Housing since a player would want to use all blocks/items.
  4. It's mainly because apart from Skyblock and Hosuing, none of the new features do anything, so it just created unnecessary lag from all the stuff in newer versions.
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  5. HeYoNia

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    "Button mashing" broke my fingers +1

    I dont care if we lose 50 million players, I am a selfish narrow minded human being who has graduated a technical degree of stupidity, anyone who dislikes this message is a joergen hater and i will continously slap you and call you a buttcheek, blah blah blah I am also a Bronze VI player on league of legends, take that you nerds
  6. hypixel is the only 1.8 server I know, all others are of higher versions, you are probably just being in the wrong community
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  7. I want them to try something like they did with Skywars/Warlords/TKR with 1.7 and 1.8.

    I guarantee you the dedicated players will stay no matter what. They won't let the lack of blockhitting and smaller hitboxes stop them. (They'll just use rod PvP more to take no damage instead of half damage.)
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  8. People like you are why making threads like this is so fun!
  9. HeYoNia

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    Shut your voiceh hole i will now take that as an insult and call 911, now tell me your address so i can send a SWAT team.
  10. Not only is the term "voice hole" (which you misspelled) a stupid way of refering to one's mouth, but since this is on the internet, I'm not even speaking. Also you are telling me to shut up and tell you something in the same sentance, which is contradictory.
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  11. HeYoNia

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    i am smart and voice hole is a scientific term of saying cat
  12. PVP. Imagine Hypixel without the 1.8 combat system. And then even if it was to be updated, the overwhelming majority of players are using 1.8.
  13. Is this person serious? I just wanna know
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  14. nope
  15. FyreUS

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    Block hitting is removed in 1.9+.
  16. yoCat

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    bzg BZG
    Guild Master
    hello i am a 1msg non and i fully support 1.8 and don't want a change for a while thank you
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  17. Pittoo

    Pittoo Well-Known Member

    CakeCake CAKE
    well hypxiel already does have similar plugins but it's still kinda weird
  18. true, having a temporary shield when blocking looks a bit strange
  19. ItsBryce

    ItsBryce Well-Known Member

    Raid RAID
    It might feel like the same mechanics for a second, but I promise you, they are very, very different.

    Ehh maybe 1.7 idk
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