1. There are so many new amazing features, and they don't let anyone use them because Hypixel is pandering to the one minecraft player who hasn't realised that minecraft updated past 1.8. If they want to do that, why don't they go all the way back to alpha 1.0.15, since I'm sure that there is at least one player still there.

    I know that some people are going to mention the new combat system, but the new system is simple and easy. It's only slightly more complicated than the old button mashing system. Also, they can probably use plugins to disable it anyway.
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  2. antiflump

    antiflump New Member

    Well, shields are broken so let's so how the new combat system works when it comes out. Elytras would be cool, though.
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  3. Honestly, I made this thread because I want an Elytra in skyblock.
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  4. 1.8 is the best version for pvp, and since many hypixel minigames revolve around pvp, there's no reason to change the whole server to 1.8 and above. The new combat system just doesn't do well with the minigames
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  5. why bother making this thread when you know it will do nothing expect start a flame war?
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  6. yea imagine making mods for 1.9+ no thanks
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  7. The elytra is awsome. Also, I want some more blocks in housing.
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  8. the reason it's 1.8 is because of PvP, but then again, you could still have 1.8 pvp mechanics on higher versions...
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  9. ok i am now convinced you are just a troll lol
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  10. Synfiny

    Synfiny Well-Known Member

    The 1.9 system is panned because of the cooldown system that makes combos impossible. Whoever gets first hit wins if you have equal gear. Also, you can play on 1.14 so get over it.
  11. what's wrong with housing?
  12. 666


    666 Well-Known Member

  13. Since you can play on 1.14, it means that they have plugins to recreate the 1.8 combat in later versions, so we don't need 1.8 anymore.
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  14. Synfiny

    Synfiny Well-Known Member

    Everybody likes 1.8; just do some searching. There is absolutely no support, other than from 1-message new members, to switch to 1.14 and we don't listen to them because..

    well they're everywhere
    they're surrounding us
    they're hunting us.....

    we must hide from the 1msg nons.
  15. Bakura1

    Bakura1 Well-Known Member

    ArtOfWar ART0W
    Please just go away. There is no use responding to this because I am just going to un-watch this thread of idiocy. Please just go and gain some sense.
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  16. So... You want the network to update to 1.14 just so you can have an elytra in SkyBlock
    giphy (8).gif
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  17. There is a number of reasons that the hypixel network, and therefore skyblock is still in 1.8. Even if it were to be updated to a higher version, Elytras would likely still be disabled due to how taxing it is on the servers, which are still only barely keeping up. And as stated above, combat mechanics would be affected. Even if combos could still be possible with the use of plugins, it other pvp mechanics such as block-hitting would be impossible. There is a number of other reasons, and these are only a few of them.
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  18. More than 53% of active players use 1.8. Simon @ Hypixel confirmed this himself. So updating will actually kill the server.
  19. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Offensive OFN
    1.8 is the best version.
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  20. Any feature in 1.9-1.14.4 could easily be coded by the staff team. The reason why they haven’t added most of it is because they don’t have a use for it yet.
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