1. Superior was barely changed. And now people are selling it as if it wasn't still the best set in the game? And devs have been saying maybe they might buff it later (or so I've heard) and people are complaining about how that's a slap to the face of the people that are selling their superior armor.

    But it's not. It's not the fault of the devs that people are being stupid. These people that are getting "slapped" in faced literally put themselves into that position by being babies about a small nerf.

    Why does it matter if it's weaker than it was when it's still better than everything else AND better than anything you might need?
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  2. And then those same players are gonna complain that they sold their armor for no reason because they couldn't be bothered to have patience
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  3. isnt strong actually better now? lmao
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  4. Bruh at least they can still do 17k damage while I’m here doing only 4K :c
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  5. Patience for what? There's literally no good reason to sell the best armor in the game. What are they going to replace it with? A lesser armor set? If they are going to complain about literally choosing to downgrade, that's their problem.
    Superior is better than Strong. even if strong does more damage it will only be like 1% max and superior will still have that intelligence and tankiness.
    Not anymore; they are all selling the armor.
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  6. People are selling it to make money before it drops 2-3 million in coins per piece.
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  7. I agree, they are not the brightest of the minds and somehow they got the armor. Somehow.
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  8. I was referring to the fact that superior armor will probably be buffed again as said by an admin and the players will then regret selling their armor because they like it again. I wasn't considering how good the armor set was in my post, just how players feel about it.
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  9. Sup still has the highest dps.
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  10. also they should expect changes to a PTL game there also just changing it so they can balance it later
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  11. yes but people with superior had no idea that it was bugged at all, so many people have spend hundreds of hours grinding for a set that, to public knowledge, wasnt broken, just for devs to patch it and make it do less damage than another set which you couldve gotten within like a week of casually playing with ease.
  12. At the time they started selling they didn't know it would possibly get buffed.
    So their actual reasons for selling likely had nothing to do with patience.
  13. But it still does more damage than any other set according to most people.
  14. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    It's like stocks. If it drops a little, everybody sells them.
    Logical : p
  15. Yes but the game is constantly changing especially since its still only a prototype and they should know its a bug fix so they could've at least considered the possibility that maybe a buff would be added to compensate for the bug fix. Regardless, whatever their reason is for selling the armor they still shouldn't whine about it being buffed after they made the decision to instantly sell the armor and if they do then it just proves they are a fool.
  16. I think you miss understand. Superior can be compared to Strong because of this fix. A strong set is less than 5 mil, while a superior set is over 20 mil. Why waste 24 mils on an armor set that is only slightly better than Strong. the 20 mils can be used to invest into othe necessities like Minions. It is the best armor in the game, but why buy a superior helmet when you can buy a strong set for less. Why not save the 20 mils and use it for other helpful things, or save it for future updates.
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  17. That's fair. In all honesty though, I'm pretty sure a lot of the people selling the armor don't have that in mind.
  18. Yeah I regret buying my superior helmet, but I aint gonna sell it lmao
  19. yes, but considering superior is 10x more rare, strong shouldnt be close to as good as it.
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  20. They either try to get profit by buying it later at lower price or are dumb, after reading a bunch of threads today both options seem equally likely

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