1. Seniqua

    Seniqua New Member

    spent around 20 minutes farming revenant horrors on skyblock, couldn't go 5 minutes without that stupid watchdog bot floating around my head like the idiot he is which forces me to stop attacking the boss or risk getting banned due to missclicks on this stupid bot. i dont hack, i bought a rank on the server, that would just be stupid to hack, im not butterfly clicking or any other type of fast clicking that could trigger watchdog, is someone just *really* salty at me or thinks im hacking cause of one time i combod them in a skywars game 2 months ago? its getting really annoying seeing that stupid bot flying around my head while im trying to farm slayer bosses.
  2. If you have no use at your own risk mods, you’ll be fine.
  3. Watchdog does do random check on people. You are obviously just unlucky that you have been watchdogged so much. And as stated earlier you will be completely fine if you don’t use mods that are use as your own risk.
  4. Seniqua

    Seniqua New Member

    hmm, well its good to know i wont be punished for anything, its still *incredibly* annoying almost losing a tier 4 rev boss due to some loser getting salty over the fact im better than them at skywars
  5. I completely understand what you mean. However I don’t think some one reported all those times. You where just randomly checked by watchdog most of the times.
  6. WatchDog will not block your hits (I believe hits won’t be registered on the bot, but haven’t tested), nor will clicking on it result in a ban.
    You won’t be able to click the bot anyways, as it usually floats 5-7 blocks directly above the player.

    Also, how are you seeing the bot without modifying the game?
  7. The bot does randomly appear and test players. You don’t need a modified game to be able to see the bot. Most players stop hitting as they do not want to hit the bot - possibly resulting in a temp ban.
  8. Source needed as the Hypixel rules did not state anything about hitting the bot, thus it is unlikely anything would happen.
  9. I never said it would result in a ban only said that is may result in one. But it is without question that the bot is there to test kill aura on players. Thus many players are sacred that they may be banned if they hit the bot. It is more a worry of the players rather than something that Hypixel has actually stated themselves.
  10. This would be unknown, as the bot is normally out of the player's reach, thus not be targeted by kill aura.
    However if you have source stating that bots are used for testing for kill aura, I am interested and would like to take a look.
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  11. It’s not normally out of the players reach. I have seen many watchdog bot which are very close to the player. There are no sources that directly stat this but if you look at clips of watch dog or have it fly around you. You’ll notice it moves very quick around you and at a distance which could technically still be hitable if you are attacking something.
  12. As long as you don't hack or purposely mess with that entity, you'll be fine.
  13. Doksha

    Doksha Member

    The bot does block hits, I used to get watchdogged so much that I couldnt hit players half the time, it doesn't even serve a purpose as it won't ban if you hit it too much. I will sometimes spam it with hits as it flies around when I am not fighting.

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