which lobby it will be add

  1. arcade

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  2. duels

  3. its own lobby

  4. non lobby should be added to

  5. the same lobby the pit have now but with a bigger and better one

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  1. just want to know about what comunity thinks about
  2. Ur mom
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  3. Common knowledge that it's getting its own lobby, it already has its own place in the /booster and /lobby commands.
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  4. I think Pit deserves its own lobby, it doesn't fit in other lobbies very well, for example: it wouldn't fit in duels because it's not a 1v1 or 2v2 game, it wouldn't go well in arcade because it's not a small quick game.
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  5. StOp CrEaTiNg UsLeSs SpAm ThReDs
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  6. it is best having its own lobby kingdowy if you think this is a useless post you wont get that many replies.
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  7. Your grammer is worse than my autistic cousins’
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  8. idc maybe it is bad but people understand it
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  9. Barely, and it really hurts my eyes
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  10. you better go yo find a doctor and stop using conputer because computer sure hurts you eyes
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  11. Jet711

    Jet711 Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    I honestly don't think that the Pit needs its own lobby, seeing as the tree is basically a lobby itself. You can check your stats, make purchases and arrange your quests in the tree. If you don't want to play, then that's fine, just use the keeper to get back to the lobby.

    A lobby really isn't needed for this sort of gamemode since it's so unique where its a minigame that you can play for hours on end, whereas skywars and bedwars servers have to reset every time a new game starts/ends, which is why you are sent to the lobby.
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  12. Please do everyone a favor and stop posting on this forum permanently.
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  14. am belive should be dded t deuls bacos of the pvp in it btw sory for bsd ihglzsh my mim hpmrschiils me
    btw am idiot103 brothel
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  15. Imperve

    Imperve Member

    I think The Pit is fine as it is, but it might need one in the future. The tree does act as a lobby itself, but if we get future updates (bigger leaderboards, more villagers, a trading station, etc.), we’re definitely going to need a lobby for the space.
  16. Or a bigger tree hex deee

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