Do You Think Vip++ Will Happen.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. This Wont Be Long But. When Is Vip++ Coming Out?. I Need To Know And Will It??. Oh And Can The Color Be Just Orange Thank You I Shall Make Word When I Get A Reply I Defiantly Wont.
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  2. Never
  3. Please no
  4. It isn't happening.
    And I bet you made this thread cause you are VIP+ and you want an upgrade
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  5. No, what'll be the point of MVP then?
  6. That Was Quick
  7. I know how about water rank huh uh
  8. I’m kidding no water rank
  9. An can at least one person say yes
  10. yournotfunny

    yournotfunny Well-Known Member

    Why Do You Speak Like This
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  11. Too tired to give my whole explanation blah blah blah, I hate this idea.
  12. TheKirb

    TheKirb Well-Known Member

    It's nowhere, cause it doesn't exist, and never will
  13. I want it too but it’s not happening. Ever.
  14. This idea will never ever happen, and if it did what will be to point of MVP? I bet you just want an upgrade for your VIP+ rank. Just purchase mvp then.
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  15. Yes, i agree with Timinq
    there would be no need for MVP or MVP+ or even MVP++ for that matter.
    MVP++ is just an add on for people who are MVP+ and want to go that little bit further than they could before. as Timinq said there already is this in place for VIP+, that of MVP, then MVP+ for them.
  16. iElena

    iElena Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
    No thanks. This is unfair to both MVP/MVP+. If VIP++ have /nick & private server access and MVP/MVP+ dont then both MVP/MVP+ loses it's value and worthless
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017
  17. Nice new name :)
  18. Neodymium

    Neodymium Active Member

    ohh arent you so smart

    and all the other kids with their pumped up ranks better run, better run, run to post a smart thing
    thinking they are smart, acting like moderators but they just look bad,
    lol, lol, its funny
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