1. According to the list of minions under collections, there are fishing and flower minions to be obtained. But none of the collections or skill rewards list anything about these two minions. I'm assuming they're to be added later in the game since all the collection tiers are filled up with their rewards, but if anyone has other information like a secret quest or something like that, it'd be great to know. Otherwise I think they should replace one of the collection rewards that just gives skill XP, as that seems to mostly be filler.
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  2. Flower Minion: Secret Auction
    Fishing minion: Raw Fish level 2
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  3. Fishing minion is tier II of Raw Fish, it's not hidden or anything.
    Flower minion is, I wish it would be displayed somewhere after you bought it so you can see the upgrade recipes and etc...
  4. Fishing is Tier II Raw Fish, Flower is bought from the Dark Auction.

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