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  2. happened like 5 times to me.
  3. I know the feeling, it’s tough
  4. It’s like the one guy that falls off their island and ruins the perfect 11 kill game in skywars :(
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  5. So true lol
  6. F
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  7. Surprised they didn't just get rid of this one during the party games revamp. Game is a complete tossup, and getting punched out from under a slab doesn't even guarantee you'll die. I haven't played enough since the update to know which games are still in, but I wouldn't miss this one at all.
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  8. Beraum

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    Braguca BGC
    It's so annoying, but the strategy that I use that works most of the times is that you wait a little bit before running into the cover to let everyone else go there and when you do you punch all the players away.
  9. bradthelad2011

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