1. Mine is:
    Armor: Hardened Diamond
    Sword: Leaping
    Bow: Runaans (no dh)
    *if you want you can put your best talismans too
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  2. Armor : godly ender (im lazy to upgrade)

    Sword : Spicy AOTD

    Bow : Rapid Runaan's
  3. ShinyJade_

    ShinyJade_ Member

    Armor: Half ender half strong
    Sword: AOTE
    Bow: Runaans
    Money Method: Magma + Eyes
  4. Armor: full very wise set, full godly strong set, full titanic protector set(i might consider giving it away)

    Weapon: maxed AOTD

    Bow: scorpion bow

    Orb: normal one

    And 28 talismans (2 epic, and i rember having 10 rare ones)
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  5. Full Godly Strong
    Half Godly Wise, half Very Wise
    Maxed Pigman with 1/2 Hpb.
    Maxed Rapid Runaans with all 10 Hpb and Dragon Hunter III
    And most Talismans.
  6. armor:wise/superior/young/old
  7. Armor: Perfect Armor
    Sword: AOTE
    Bow: Hurricane

    See, I don't really care for leveling up in skyblock or anything like that. I've been trying to make my island look nice.
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  8. _PixelSlayer_

    _PixelSlayer_ Active Member

    Farmers boots because I'm a bum, aote because I'm broke and the bow I got from the spiders den. I've almost saved enough for the rabbit hat so fingers crossed this time next year I'll have a hat
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  9. anime12345_xdpvpyt

    anime12345_xdpvpyt Well-Known Member

    hpb sup full very wise light young and dh3 runaans pigman but I deal like 500k to dragons LOL
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  10. Dude same. I don’t do much to dragons for some reason. And I’m like at full damage compacity (I don’t have superior, but I got Strong)
  11. _PixelSlayer_

    _PixelSlayer_ Active Member

    Well now your just showing off
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  12. Leaflet armor

    Aspect of the Jerry

    Decent bow (given to me by good guy Greg)

    My most op item?
    Nope the fish Why did we follow him?
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  13. Armor: 3/4 strong 1/4 godly strong
    Sword: maxed aotd, 5/10 hpb
    Bow: runaans
  14. Armor: half godly half very wise dragon armor
    Sword: pigman
    Bow: runaans
    Money maker: 9 clay minions, 1 tier 11, 2 tier 10, and 6 tier 8
    Best talismans: bat artifact, candy artifact, xp artifact.
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  15. Sorry lol. Don’t mean to. Just trying to figure out why some people do less damage XD
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  16. OfficialPikachu

    OfficialPikachu Well-Known Member

    I don't play it much, but I have collected a few good items from friends.

    Armor: Hardened Diamond Armor
    Sword: AOTE
    Bow: N/A
  17. Armor: wise drag
    Sword: 50mil midas (still use my leaping, haven’t enchanted it yet)
    Bow: savanna bow (had a dh3 runnans but I lost it)
  18. tarantula armor
    recluse fang
    hurricane bow
  19. DrWhippet

    DrWhippet Member

    - (For all-around fights); Wise dragon armor set
    - (For revenant slayer); Revenant chestplate, leggings and boots with crystallized hearts

    - (For all-around fights); Maxed Pigman sword (enchants + HPB)
    - (For revenant slayer); Maxed Reaper Falchion (enchants + HPB)
    - (For the heals); Ornate Zombie sword
  20. SWORD: Maxed Silver Fang
    Bow: None
    Armor: Hardened Diamond with Growth V, Prot V, Thorns III

    I got the bat talisman with only about 10 bat kills.

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