1. I just need to know what kit to use, when looting chests, then rushing mid.
  2. Urq


    Urq Active Member

    Outcast OUTCAST
    armorer in normal mode
    frog/scout in insane mode
    those fit my playstyle
  3. FartKnocker

    FartKnocker Well-Known Member

    i use sloth kit since hypixel's a sloth
  4. Hunter kit best kit
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  5. I like farmer in doubles, snowman in singles for insane

    Normal I use disco and rush mid
  6. Ecologist best kit fight me
  7. Farmer is a pretty hot kit ngl
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  8. GoogleOffline

    GoogleOffline Active Member

    Armourer in Normal mode (Except canopy which is salmon, and Shire which is Knight)
    Frog is what ou should use, but I use scout since I think i'm fairly experienced in using speed to my advantage. (Again salmon on canopy but still scout on shire)
  9. ecologist is only helpful if you like to rush off spawn.
  10. Frog like 60% of the time in solo insane. Otherwise scout. Speed is such a huge gamechanger in sw pvp it's insane. The main choice here is "can I make it to mid without bridging with frog?" If yes, frog, if not, scout. On a map like mythos or strata, it's technically possible to make it without "bridging" but I only land the block clutch like 1/5 times.

    Just don't be surprised when all your clout goes away after abusing frog...
  11. Random, I'm on a 23 win streak since I turned it on and it's really fun and helps you get better even when you get a bad kit like salmon on a map like mars..
  12. Ignore what they all said, it’s snowman. It grants you the ability to summon a snowball spammer but with infinite snowballs. You will be unstoppable!
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  13. Newbot121

    Newbot121 Active Member

    Idk probably magician
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  14. Armorer in normal
    Frog/Scout in insane if you're good with speed. Farmer if you're not good with speed and sometimes Enderman is useful.
  15. armourer
  16. SuperStrongGamer

    SuperStrongGamer Well-Known Member

    Armorer is OP due to 3 out of 4 gold armor.
    Frog in insane to rush EXTREMELY OP FAST! PLEASE NERF THIS KIT.
    Slime in insane if you want to get crits on people while falling it's pretty good in insane,,,, but in normal it suckxzs.
  17. Personally I like Ecologist cause it has an axe that does more than a diamond sword, blocks and you dont spawn with gear meaning you can just right click the gear onto yourself rather than drag and drop (quicker). Its also the perfect rushing kit because of its high dmg axe.
  19. MrKrqbs

    MrKrqbs New Member

    iQuest IQ
    I'm defiantly am an armorer main in normal mode
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  20. What a fricking nerd! (wait no just kidding don’t send me to the gulag)

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