1. I currently have a Radiant Orb, Ender Armor, and Aspect of the End.
  2. Get Dragon Armour and Leaping Sword/Aspect of the Dragons. Ender Armor is great in The End but not good anywhere else.
  3. Grind the End, I know it seems ridiculous but you have two options...

    1. Grind the End, make money, buy better swords, talismans, etc...

    2. Grind revenants, lose money, get Revenant Armor and start grinding for Reaper Falchions.

    It is going to take more time to level it up by slaying revenants right now. Get better gear and then start grinding for Revenants.
  4. Revenant with about 1k zombie def + radiant + aotD abd you can semiefficiently grind T4s. Easily T3s. T3 even with Wise or Strong Dragon.
  5. As of right now, I'm able to kill tier 3 revenants with full wise, radiant power orb, wand of mending and Aspect of the Dragons

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