TNT Tag or Sky Wars

  1. TNT Tag

    21 vote(s)
  2. Sky Wars

    17 vote(s)
  1. It's a bet with my mate
  2. Skywars, like duh? xD
  3. Do you play Tag?
  4. Yes I do. :)
  5. Rockets92

    Rockets92 Member

    I play both (you can check my stats) and skywars is much more toxic :p
  6. Hypixel is actually trash. They’ll mute you for 90 days which they did me WITHOUT any warning. They’re supposed to ban you after 8 day mute. Goes like this, 4 day mute, 8 day mute, 6 day ban, 13 day mute, 45 day mute, etc.
  7. Sw but whats more fun? Sw....

    Thats my opinion

    Tnt tag is cool for big parties or just to chill until you're it and you have an anxiety attack
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  8. They can both be really bad... but, yeah. Skywars.
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  9. _Triaf_

    _Triaf_ Active Member

    Ranked Skywars don't even have a chat anymore so I think there's no story lol.
  10. I made the vote even now.
  11. Now I made it even ~ tnt tag is chill if you’re not against sweats but skywars is always full of people who get mad the second they lose one game it’s kinda funny.
  12. I do believe it can also depend on the offense, past offenses, severity, etc etc, though I might be mistaken. You can also appeal at hypixel.net/appeal
  13. Unissued

    Unissued Active Member

    Skywars is more toxic. Let's not even talk about ranked... Well, the old ranked.
  14. Sw for sure from what I've seen
  15. OriginalR3kt

    OriginalR3kt Member

    sumo duels for sure is more toxic.

    also GTA bc people can spawn tanks in multiplayer, that is not very cool :(

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