1. superior armor no doubt about it
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  2. Super
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  3. Superior armor by far. Perfect 10 only gives around 100-200 more EHP than superior but superior gives tons of boosts in other stats also.
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  4. Technically, Perfect Tier X has a little bit higher effective HP, but it's so immensely expensive to craft and just not worth it compared to Superior. Perfect Tier X offers only defense, while Superior offers a variety of benefits that make it more beneficial.
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  5. Just wait for an update before spending that time/coins into this armor. If perfect will be buffed(I'm pretty sure it will and has to) u will be mad at urself.
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  6. OK, thank you all so much for the answers, idk how to delete this so just dont reply plz
  7. why necro
  8. perfect armor is just a bit better but its wayyyyy more expensive and not worth it so go for sup
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  9. stfu

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