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    What your favourite..

    -Moderator (@DI4MONDTOOL)
    -Admin (@OrangeMarshall)
    -Donator (@Crewly)
    -Default (None)
    -Friend (in hypixel) (@YikeFilms and other staffs/youtubers)
    -Modification created (or made) for Hypixel (AutoTip)
    -Rating (Diamond Admin)
    -Guild (TeamXTreme)
    -/msg spammer if you have one lol (None)
    -Rank (MVP+ and Admin)
    -Booster (SkyWars)
    -Game Skywars
    -YouTuber -Regular minecraft contents)
    -YouTuber2 - Irregular minecraft contents)
    -Helper (Guy who muted me)
    -Guild Officer (@Avihay and @Aerh)
    -Guildmaster (DI4MONDTOOL)
    -Thread (Click here!)
    -Signature (3 Year Veteran)
    -Forums Notification Spammer (Some of you)
    -Randy (idk)
    -YouTuber without a YouTube Rank (@Tayber)
    -Twitch Streamer (None)
    -Discord Party/Guild server (TeamXTreme)
    -Food, cause i'm running out of ideas (Pizza)
    -Cosmetics/Gadget (Poop Gadget..)
    -Whitelisted Modification (OptiFine)
    -Risky Modification (1.7 Animations OrangeMarshall)

    -Pet (Golem)
    -Day (Saturday)

    On this Hypixel server so far?
    You can get tagged by revealing all/some of your favourite stuff!
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  3. Cashboys

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  4. My favourite:

    Moderator: Don't have one...
    Admin: I got too many I like.
    Donator: OMG, so many. Tag me if you want to be added here people.
    Non-Donator: Umm, don't think I know any...
    Friend (in Hypixel): I got too many I love. Tag me if you want to be added here (FRIEND LIST ONLY).
    Modification created (for Hypixel): I guess the Better Chat Mod from @Sk1er is the only one made specifically for Hypixel.
    Rating: Wat rating.
    Guild: I do have loads of guilds I like but I am currently in Infamy.
    /msg spammer: don't have one...
    Rank: Donator ranks and staff ranks.
    Booster: Don't even use any, LOL.
    Game: Skywars.
    YouTuber (regular Minecraft content): @Technoblade.
    YouTuber (irregular Minecraft content): Don't have one..
    Helper: I don't have any...
    Guild Officer: In my current guild, @Herc.
    Guild Master: In my current guild, @Goggled.
    Thread: Eh, don't have one..
    Signature: Too many options.
    Forum Notification Spammer: BACK IN THE DAYS, @OldschoolRamen (sorry for the others who like-spammed me too but he was my first).
    Randy: What's a randy?
    YouTuber without a YouTube rank: @Tayber.
    Twitch Streamer: Don't have one..
    Discord Party/Guild Server: The Infamy one since I am in their guild and is the only one.
    Food: CHICKEN, I guess..
    Cosmetics/Gadgets: Grappling Hook Gadget.
    Whitelisted Modification: What?
    Risky Modification: I guess SimpleSprint.
    Pet: Don't have one.
    Day: Half-terms, everyday and normal school days, weekends.
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  5. Herc

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    Infamy OFFICER
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  6. I'm the only one in your curreny guild but ok
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  7. I know but if I ever decide to change guilds, then I gotta say who and in which guild because I will keep memories.
  8. I was kidding lol :p
    I think the question was like your favorite guild master ever though
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  9. Oh, XD. I don't know many guild owners tbh.
  10. non donator
  11. Guess I'll fill it in .-.
    Moderator: @Retronic
    Admin: Don't really have a favorite
    Donator: @Enni
    Non-Donator: idk
    Friend (in Hypixel): Enni again
    Modification created (for Hypixel): Skull project
    Rating: Helper lapis (blue is cool :3)
    Guild: My own :)!
    /msg spammer: a wat? o_O
    Rank: [​IMG]
    Booster: UHC?
    Game: Currently UHC
    YouTuber (regular Minecraft content): @Refraction
    YouTuber (irregular Minecraft content): Jacksfilms
    Helper: @MisterYes / @redx329
    Guild Officer: Enni once again
    Guild Master: ME :D!
    Thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/should-i-be-admin.981325/
    Signature: Laserex's (can't tag because it'll break it .-.)
    Forum Notification Spammer: a wat? o_O
    Randy: Me :D
    YouTuber without a YouTube rank: Refraction again
    Twitch Streamer: I don't watch twitch :/
    Discord Party/Guild Server: Don't have one
    Food: Pizza (originality at it's best)
    Cosmetics/Gadgets: Teleport stick
    Whitelisted Modification: Don't think I use one? All mine are "Use at your own risk"
    Risky Modification: Skull Project
    Pet: my snowman
    Day: Saterday
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  12. watch someday this thread will have like 50 pages
  13. -Admin Rogue, purely because of his name.
    -Donator Danksters
    -Default RadioBird / _Tum
    -Friend iHerc / Hydrolyze / Gawked
    -Modification created for Hypixel AutoTip
    -Guild Infamy (duh)
    -Booster SkyWars
    -Game Skywars
    -Guild Officer Hercules1072
    -Guildmaster(s) Britmaster, Jimbo1441, xBasil, chqv, Horus_The_Local (I know Horus isnt the official GM, but Idk the owner of HK :p)
    -Thread My guild thread :)
    -Signature Infamy!
    -Randy Kscopekid
    -YouTuber without a YouTube Rank Refraction
    -Discord Party/Guild server Infamy!
    -Cosmetics/Gadget Grappling Hook
    -Whitelisted Modification OptiFine
    -Risky Modification OrangeMarshall's Enhanced Vanilla / Skull Project
    -Pet Squid/Herobrine
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  14. Crewly

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    are you really an admin, moderator, booster, game, etc.?
  15. mlgjohn is my favorite game.

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