1. Im thinking of writing something, but first want to make sure i won't get even close to beeing possibly banned.
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  3. So basically, to get a ban I'd need to either regularly hit request limit or use it to break server rules? Thx.
    The program I want to write will monitor skyblocks AH prices of chosen item(s).
    As there is no way to see all auctions that ended last hour or anything like it, the only way to monitor all of them, would be to check every single auction which would obviously go over the limit pretty fast.
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  4. If you have to, a way to combat this is to make your program not send out requests using a key which has hit its limit, then use multiple keys. However you in theory don't have to worry about that, if I'm understanding your goal correctly. You do not need to collect all auctions in order to monitor general trends, so you could simply check a sample of the auctions every few minutes.
  5. Actually its even more simple:
    Why won't i hit request limit?
    Because if there ever will be more AotD's (or something that also costs a lot) going through ah than 2/sec it won't be anytime soon and as you said I would have enough data points to have a clear picture anyway. The fact that we can request info about auctions that already ended helps too.
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    Depending on the approach (I'm making an AH checker myself right now but am quite busy at work so it's going slow) - You might consider setting up a small backend that would request the data from the Hypixel servers once a minute (or once per X - X being the seconds/minutes) using Your API key and then pass them to the end-users through WebSockets or simple requests on the front-end.

    That way:
    1. Simple requests - You set a refresh time on the front-end app which requests the updated data from YOUR backend once per Y.
    2. WebSockets - they emit the data so that whenever a change occurs (backend receives new data from the AH on the Hypixel API) - they immediately send a signal to the listeners so that the front-end does not need to refresh regularly at a forced pace, but they'd just fetch the data whenever a change on Your backend occurs.

    That way:
    The API key request limit will never be exceeded as You define the refresh rate on Your backend.
    The front-end users might refresh the site as much as they want (and any number of them can connect) and the limit will never be exceeded as well because the front-end fetches data from Your backend and not the Hypixel backend - once again returning to the "no limit reached" point.

    If I'm incorrectly understanding the request limit then feel free to correct me :D

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